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** Midnight prayer tips that are short, fast, and powerful - like bullets **


"You Can Laugh At Sickness, Financial Problems And Marital Distress ... When You Follow The Midnight PRAYER Plan!"   


When Christians who really believe that Jesus still saves, heals, and delivers (because He is the same yesterday, today and forever) ... need urgent turnaround breakthroughs … Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they find their marriage or relationships have hit a brick wall and all hope seems lost… Holy Spirit leads them here.  

When they desperately need to meet their godly spouse, after uncountable disappointments and years of rejection… Holy Spirit leads them here



 Please note that the testimonials and praise reports on this website are NOT typical. You may or may not get any results from using the principles taught here. In other words, this may not work for you at all. May the Lord richly bless you.

- elisha

Now let's begin ...


"Good morning Elisha,

I heard the Lord this morning, when i was still in bed, telling me that His secrets have been unlocked on Google. I got concerned as to how someone could surely have the secret of the Lord and I told Him that His word says His secret is with His people, so who could have His secret on the net on GOOGLE?

As I was praying concerning this, my friend walked into the house and I told her all about what God has said and she told me that there is a website that has unlocked the secret of the Lord.

Indeed, I am here talking to you by divine intervention and I am looking forward to knowing the secrets here and walking in their reality.

- Sophia, Australia

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today
and forever... Heb. 13:8

When they need rapid promotion, PLUS double salary to go with it … Holy Spirit leads them here. 
When they need a brand new home, no matter how impossible it seems … Holy Spirit leads them here.  

When they finally make up their mind about getting out of debt… Holy Spirit leads them here.  

When they have prayed for years for that one special person to be saved, to no avail… Holy Spirit leads them here.  
When they feel discouraged, like God is far away from them, and all roads seem to lead NOWHERE, no matter what they try… Holy Spirit leads them here.  

When poor health or chronic sickness is slowly squeezing life out of them (or someone they know) and the doctors have practically given up on them… Holy Spirit leads them  here. 

Negative Doctors’ Report Overturned 

"I was introduced to this site by a friend from Kenya. In the month of June my elder brother was diagnosed with a very terrible disease, and all the doctors' reports were negative. He ought to have died by June 15th this year.

THROUGH THE USE OF MIDNIGHT PRAYERS FROM YOUR ACADEMY, plus the special prayer bullet concerning arrows of death and hell, the man is alive, saved and is doing well in life. Plus the wife also gave her life to the Lord."

- Bonface, Uganda

"Finally Got Married At 50"

"Dear Elisha,
I am sure you have my records. Several times I tried your marathon but never really got far despite all my heartfelt desire and effort I never completed them. God must have known my desires and rewarded me all the same. At 50 years I too like many that write to you got married to a man of God over the Easter Holidays (April 2009). Someone in my church said this week sometimes we are not rewarded for our achievements but our efforts."

- Sharon, U.K.                                      

"HE is still the Great Physician!"


My 6 year old daughter was admitted to hospital with a flare up of Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis (rare lung disease causing bleeding in the lungs for which the doctors here have no cure).

Her conditioning was getting worse as the days went by. I went to your website, and explained the situation.

On June 14, you emailed me stating, “Please use the Prayer of Caleb for a 3-day Esther Fast”, and “Our prayers are with you for the quick recovery of your daughter.”

You must know that at that time, my daughter could not breathe on her own and they had to be increasing her oxygen daily since June 10th. In addition, her heart rate was reading between 160 and 199, and the doctors could not figure out why it was not reducing.

 I immediately started the midnight prayers, but will confess that I did not even get to the fasting part, as I was also feeling very weak and tired from being at the hospital 24 hours daily since she was admitted.

Well, to sum it up, she was breathing on her own with her oxygen level showing 100 percent her other vitals within normal range by June 16th, and was discharged from the hospital on June 18th.

All glory and honor to the Great Physician, our Lord and Savior. Elisha, thanks for availing yourself and offering direction, when we needed help despite your busy schedule.

- C P B, Georgia, USA

"From Breakthrough to Breakthrough"

"My family and I have been truly blessed and have just been experiencing breakthroughs after breakthroughs! Over the last few months, I have been offered a full scholarship to go and do my Masters in HR Management at Griffith University for one year.

My student visa has been approved by the Australian Embassy and they have also approved my husband’s visa to accompany me to Australia for the duration fo study.”

- Lorraine, Fiji Islands

  "She Was in a Coma for 3 Weeks!"

"I am just 10 months old as a Christian. Before I got to know about you and this all material you keep on sending me, I used to think a life of a Christian has to be filled with a lot of suffering. Man, I have found joy after using your prayer bullets.

Greatest of all I have seen people getting healed. Four months ago my friend’s mother was diagnosed with a brain infection and we prayed using the 40 prayer points to arrest disease backed up with Esther fast. She was in comma for 3 weeks. As I am writing this she is jumping up praising the name of God."

- Brian, Uganda

  "Marital Breakthrough - Plus 2 Job Offers"

"I have been using your prayer bullets while praying at midnight for a new job and imagine right now I have two job offers. It is unbelievable how those bullets work. I have also noticed a big change in my marriage as we have been closer with my husband than ever before in our 12 years of marriage. I give God all the glory and pray for you to reach many more souls who are tormented by satan and his agents. Hallelujah."
 -- Esther, Kenya

"It's Been So Blissful in My Marriage"

"I am a born again Christian but due to some persecutions I had from my family when I was about 15, my faith waxed cold and all attempts to turn on that fire again has died. The Holy Spirit, my best companion led me to your site, I can't even explain how it happened. And since then, it's unbelievable. 

What made me finally believe was the fact that everything was so scriptural and some of those prayer points look like the ones I used to fire and get things straight when I was 15. So I said 'thank you Holy Spirit, I got it". Since then, it's been so blissful in my marriage.

I don't think people still believe in that kind of blissful marriage. I have some unbelievable opportunities this year, a lot of miracles are happening already..."

- Olivia, Canada

"He Wanted To Give His Life To Christ"

"Thank you very much for the 27 Minutes to Midnight end-of-year report. I got it from a workmate and then I showed my husband who was by then unborn again Christian.

When he read the document he felt the urge to do do what you had suggested. My husband and I did that together and on 3 January 2010 he told me that he wanted to give his life to Christ so we went to church together and he gave his life to Christ, though he was very against the idea of going to church in the past.

I foresee great things happening this year because my husband's character is changing since reading the 27 minutes to Midnight report."

 -- Elizabeth, Zimbabwe


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Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever... Heb. 13:8

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