YES, We Now Accept
Western Union Payment

 But not as before...

Before you enter the payment page note this...

3 Simple Steps

That's all you need to complete the payment ...
it is secure, convenient and you can do it all from your smartphone.

Here's How:


When you click on the link below, you will be taken to the
official page with Western Union logo.



Please follow the 3 steps below:


Step #1:
         - Select your country (under "Paying from")
         - Check the box (9-piece breakthrough kit)
         - On the CAD line, type: 107 (or 147 for Premium Kit)
         - Click:  Qet a quote
On the next page click: Select
On the next page: type in your payment details

Step #2:

          - Type in your bank details
          - Check the "Terms of Use" box
          - Click on: Proceed to payment      

Step #3:

          - Click on: Print instructions
          - An email will be sent to your inbox with the subject line below:

               From:   donotreply
            Subject: Payment Instructions - You're Almost There

          - Take this payment instruction to your bank
          - You can do an online payment (if you have access
             to online banking) by following the simple instructions
             on the screen.

                           One last thing...

Western Union will email you as soon as your payment is received.


Then we will send you the Welcome Email containing all the information you need to access the confidential Members' FORUM and join the program.

Please note that this might take up to 5 days ... so do this EARLY.

Click Here to Pay with Western Union>>


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