"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field." - Matt.13:44 (NLT)

FIRST Diamond Edition 2015
There’s a pot of gold
with your name on it

And it is overflowing with your restored blessings

  He Shows Up ...
Problems Melt Away

Two months ago she wrote:
I suppose I have been on elisha's program for so long such that I have become a prayer addict… 

A month ago she wrote:
Kindly pray for my debts to be cancelled. I just started working on 4th March…

Then an unusual visitation:

I have a testimony.  3 April was my birthday. At my work place we pray for 30 minutes from 8:30a.m to 9:00am. During prayer, I saw Jesus standing in front of us.

There was blood behind him, he was dressed in white. I told the rest of the team. We all earnestly prayed seeking his touch. After 9am, some wanted to go and work. I told them that Jesus is still here.

I wondered if they will leave Him here and go and work. As they proceeded, the power of the Holy Spirit hit all of them. They were all lying on the floor. I was in tears throughout, I couldn’t pray.

I was left alone standing, leaning against the wall.  They woke up half an hour later. We were in the prayer room until 11:30am that day. 

The Lord is good. Jesus is alive. He still lives. He rose from the dead. He still shows up to whom He chooses.

Before the end of that day, the church I am pastoring
had a financial breakthrough.  And the case I was facing the court decided to cancel it. I thank the Lord!

- Mvuyi M, South Africa


From: Elisha Goodman                                                                        Sunday 2:15 AM 

Calvary greetings … 

If you keep at this long enough, HE shows up.

When HE shows up, problems melt away.

When He visits, HE brings a pot of gold with your name on it… overflowing with divine blessings, healing, and answers to prayers. 

And there is something that can trigger His visitation like no other. 

If you haven't guessed, I mean the prayer bullets attached to the Prayer Academy. 

REPEATING the program at least once in a year can bring you closer to Him ... and to your breakthroughs than anything you might be doing right now.


Meg should know… 

13 years ago, she and her husband Mike were given just a few of these prayers to pray at the midnight hour. 

Starting with a 3-day Esther Fast. 

After one week, they were advised to repeat the same prayers for one more week. 

Mike complied. 

Meg refused. 

Shortly after the 2nd week program the husband Mike, who had been jobless for 7 years landed a lucrative international job and had to leave the country. 

He hoped to settle down quickly so he could bring the family over within a year. 

But one year dragged on to two years… to three years… to six years… to seven years! 

During that period Meg tried all she could. 

To no avail.  

She was prayed for, prophesied upon, fell under the anointing.  

Fasted. Sowed seeds. Cried. Begged. Pleaded.  

Nothing happened. 

She became frustrated and disillusioned. And fell prey to many commercial prophets who did not have any qualms about telling her what she wanted to hear.

Still no result. 

Finally, one day she went to a prayer meeting where the Power of God was on open display. As soon as she walked in, there was a word of knowledge that… 

someone needed to repent for disobedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The message went on to say that this individual was asked, along with her husband, to repeat a 1-week program many years ago. She needed to go back and carry out that assignment if she wanted a breakthrough. 

Then it dawned on her. It was like a light bulb went on in her head. 

Her refusal to REPEAT that 1-week program had placed an iron-like spiritual embargo on her progress that separated her family for 7 years! 

Now she understood what needed to be done. Without wasting time, she went ahead and joined the program.

Within a year she was able to reunite with her husband. 

Now spiritual things sometimes do not make sense. In fact they are not logical at all. 

That’s why the Bible says in 1 Cor. 1: 27-28: 

“But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are…”


What Does This Mean For You?


Have you completed the Prayer Academy in the past 4 years and yet… 

Then …


You Urgently Need to Repeat the Prayer Academy


You will begin by getting hold of the complete version of the NEW manuscript: 3-Day Emergency Prayer Manual Against Dream Vampires.

If you joined the Easter Dream Marathon 2 years ago, you used a small extract from that manuscript.

The full version (complete with 3 more days of targeted prayers) is now available to REPEAT subscribers who had gone through the Prayer Academy or the Gold Marriage Restoration program at least ONCE in the past.

It will only be for those who are willing to take on a MORE rigorous version of the program, and this program is entitled:


Prayer Academy:
Diamond Edition


The reason you see the word DIAMOND in its title is because the program is quite hard and rigorous.

But the results will be beautiful and breadth-taking...
as you can see from previous edition.

= = = = =

Rita says:

"When we started the Diamond Edition, I was assaulted by satanic dreams, but I persisted as each next set of prayers dealt with the problem satan was throwing up.  

I hung in there. My money dried up and I should have been desperate but I was not. I called a friend who requested to see me to give me money, I knew he meant it in a compromising way. 

I went to my Father and reported this to him asking he not allow me to be disgraced. The Holy Spirit told me to call up my tenants whose rents were paid up till April 2014, both tenants agreed for a discount to pay and have paid!  

On the first day of the Esther Fast I got my daughter-in-law a job with the Human Rights Commission. She had been jobless for two years!  

Doors to good briefs opened to me. I have bought a new car, continued to pay off my debts.  

So tangible was the Spirit of God that everywhere I went I was greeted effusively, people smiled at me, one woman hugged me to touch some of the anointing!  

The secret is persistence and obedience, no matter what." 


Fungai says: 

If you remember my last mail I wrote you in tears saying every thing
in my life was a stand still. I then managed to join the Diamond
Edition. The Lord has really revealed to me lot of what was done I
don’t know how many generations back from both my family and my
husbands family.

It was not only revelations but also yokes and altars were destroyed. There was really back firing to sender.

Diamond edition my husband surprised me with a new car. I m now in the process of finalising the documentation for a new job. 


Juliet says:

This is Juliet, your student - prayer academy diamond edition.  To give you some bit of history, when we had just started, about the 2nd or third week, I emailed you when the devil had opened a can of problems on me but you encouraged me that God was fighting my battles and that it was not time to give up

Now, since my marriage in 2007, I have been requesting my husband to save some money, buy land and construct our own home to which he had given no heed at all.  I last reminded him in January as he was leaving for work (he works abroad) but since then i decided to put it before God and that's when even the diamond edition

When I was in the 5th week, my husband came home and identified a piece of land through brokers and left me with lots of money to conclude the deal.  I REALLY THANK GOD for this diamond


Laura says: 

I just want to exalt the name of the Lord. The name above all names. Am currently in the diamond prayer academy not even half way through and miracles have started pouring into my life. I wonder how my life will be by the time I finish the diamond edition. 

For years, I had been battling with the problem of anger but God has delivered me. While firing the prayer bullets strange things happened, I started frothing in the mouth, coughing at certain intervals, expelling a lot of phlegm each time I prayed. This went on right from the pre marathon up to Lesson one prayers. Then I noticed that things that used to anger me didn't any more. 

Ezabel says:

I have just started the Diamond Edition Preparation prayers and last night during midnight prayer, which is day 4 prayers I got instant healing by just opening my mouth and before I finished firing the prayer point I was healed. I have had pain on the left hand side of my body right from the left ear to the toes of my feet.  

I could not carry my handbag on the left shoulder. I could not wear high-heeled shoes without regretting because of the pain and I resorted to wearing flat shoes. Sometimes I would feel like my shoulder joint had dislocated to such a point that I would sleep on one side without turning.

Here is my testimony, the moment that I opened my mouth to say: 


Before I finished, I felt a healing sensation, the pain just disappeared before I could repeat the same prayer point. Thank you Jesus! I cried before the Lord not out of pain because I lost words, I could not even thank him enough. I even carried my handbag on my left shoulder this morning on my way to the office. JESUS IS ALIVE! 


Stella says: 

Praise God.  I am grateful to God for allowing me to be part of Firesprings Ministries.  When I received the communication concerning the preparation for the Diamond Prayer Academy Edition, in obedience I went on an Esther Fast and I planted a seed to an orphanage.  Within a few days I received a gift of money which was more than seven times the seed I planted.  Glory to God. 

Then I planted another seed in the same orphanages on the 25th of May as I was beginning the 21 days Pre-Marathon Prayers, with two days, I received a gift of money double the amount of money I planted as a seed and after two days, that was on the following Monday I received a gift of a beautiful new dress.  Glory to God.  Amen 

= = = = =

Even though you will be using some of the standard lessons (at least 75 percent of the prayer sequence is new), you will be following a new prayer/fasting track.

This is the FIRST (and maybe the last) one for the year.

Previous members who have been asking to repeat the program can now sign up by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of this page.

After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a Confidential Members' Signup Page (only accessible to Prayer Academy subscribers please).

  • Please Do NOT sign up if you are currently doing the Prayer Academy lessons.

  • Please Do NOT sign up if you are currently doing the Prayer Academy lessons.

(Sorry I have to repeat that 2 times, because a few people simply do not follow instructions unless it is repeated over and over again).

This version of the program is NOT only for those who have been asking to REPEAT the program in the last few months.

We Are Making One Exception --
Those Who Have Done The GOLD Marriage Restoration Program
Are Now Eligible To Join The Diamond Edition


NOTE that signing up to repeat is NOT free, but there is a substantial discount…

… since you already have all the other materials (i.e. ebooks).

If you have lost some of the ebooks, you can request for them after signing up and we’ll send them as email attachments within 24-48 hours.

However, you will receive ONE pdf document after you sign up. It is the updated version of the manuscript entitled: 

3-Day Emergency Prayer Manual
Against Dream Vampires

It contains, among other things...

  • A different prayer/fasting schedule - the DIAMOND  Edition
  • 3  days of prayer to plug into the power source of heaven
  • Embedded prophetic actions (in the daily sequence) never before shared publicly
  • And so much more...

 This will prepare you for the Prayer Academy DIAMOND EDITION, which begins on the 25th.

If you will be joining us, my advice is that you do all you can to sign up at least 3 days before the start of the program on the 25th. The earlier the better.

Because ...

You will spend the 3 days preparing yourself by PRAYING USING THIS MANUAL … and nothing else.

One last thing…

Why Do You Have to Pay to Join?

Last year we had so much problems with many people not able to access the lessons because of the Watchdox system we were using at the time.

So we stopped using Watchdox this year and instead moved the program to a new, user-friendly system that is easy to access.

This system is one of the best … easy-to-use, fast and friendly user experience, with great support.

But there is only ONE problem.

Each time we send out an email we have to pay a certain fee (in US dollars), based on the volume of our emails.

During this program, we’ll be sending close to 20 emails to each person. The charges add up very quickly when you include things like technical support and system administration.

And since we run our websites from the proceeds we get from the book sales, we have no option but to charge a discounted fee to help defray the cost of running this program on this new system.

NOW if you consider the well-being of your spiritual life more important than all those fancy dresses, shoes and latest Smartphones / iPads that most people spend their money on these days….

…. And this is something that you’d like to participate in, please click on the link below to sign up now:  


YES, Please Sign Me Up Now


Remain An Overcomer!


P.S.   Many of those who joined the Prayer Academy a few years ago report that the printed book, "Prayer of Caleb" never got to them. Thousands were returned undelivered due to incorrect addresses sent to us.

Many copies got lost within the local post offices of certain countries. Someone even spotted a box full of the the books at an airport in China -- she suspects they were somehow diverted there!

Let me make you a super-generous FREE offer:

If you did NOT receive your copy of the book, then send me an email AFTER signing up for this program.

Subject line of your email should be: I SIGNED UP - PLEASE RESEND THE BOOK.

Then just make sure to type your correct and complete address, and it should be the exact address that you have been using to receive mails from abroad.

Then expect the book within 3 weeks.

Please note the subject line: I SIGNED UP - PLEASE RESEND THE BOOK.

Use it to avoid delays.