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4 Little Words
That Move Mountains


From: Elisha Goodman                                               Sunday 3:25 a.m.

Dear Overcomer in Christ,

There’s a 4-word approach to everything
I teach about receiving answers to prayers

… and fulfilling your divine destiny in Christ.

These four words are:

"Why Settle For Less?"

Why should you ever settle for anything less
than what JESUS Himself has promised you
in the Scriptures?

After all, why should the best of God’s
promises be reserved for others and not you?

The truth is, there are only two things
you need to taste the best of His promises

The first is knowledge of what JESUS has to
offer, and the second is the persistence to
acquire and apply that knowledge.

Applied knowledge = Wisdom

In Proverbs 4:7 we see:

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get
wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding"

God willing, we shall proceed to share some things
that will bring testimonies, breakthroughs and answers...

... often beyond the realm of human imagination.

Using A Case Study Approach.

Let's take the first case ...



"It has been a while since I communicated and I wanted to check in with you and also seek your wisdom regarding some issues. Whilst I was doing the programme, I travelled home and was amazed at how vivid my dreams were while I was there and I would remember them very clearly. I struggle quite a bit with remembering dreams normally so this was a new experience for me.

I am constantly in or around dirty toilets or bathrooms having a shower or bath.

In the past three weeks, I have noticed that my belly is full knots and always having a feeling of dread / something is going to happen and while I was in Africa I dreamt very, very vividly that a first cousin (maternal) had died in a road accident only to learn 5 days later that another first cousin (paternal) had indeed died after complaining of a headache. The fear and spirit of death are hounding me and I'm constantly trying to knock these down with Scriptures and worship.

I look forward to hearing from you ..."

- Name Withheld

Here's a teaching opportunity.

It is a great case study on what you need to do in order to turns the tables against the enemy.

Now, here's the response...


"Here's Victory Blueprint #1"

Please follow these instructions carefully. 

First, there is a way to knock out the imagination of death from your mind. And totally disgrace all witchcraft attacks launched against you from you father’s house (I’ll show you the exact steps in a moment).

As The Lord lives, what the enemy is planning against your life will not come to pass. I know this because He has promised to fulfill the number of your days… and you are not done yet with your assignment on earth. 

Here is the sequence of prayers -- 

Your first scripture reference is:

Psalm 51 verses 1 to 17:

Now bring quality repentance before the Lord. Repent of every known and unknown sin of yours; repent on the behalf of your parents and ancestors.

Please do not neglect to repent of anger, ill feelings, even evil imaginations against other, etc. 

After that, go on and confess 2 Chronicles 17.

Then begin to pray that… no matter what your parents and ancestors did, or believed in, contrary to The Living God, you are not continuing in it so those ancestral powers have no hold over you and your blood line. 

(You must be super-aggressive here)--

Therefore you decree and declare that you are a new creation in

Christ Jesus; old things have passed away. Let the blood of redemption speak for you against those ancestral laying evil claim upon your destiny PLUS those invoking them against you.

It is now time to command the spirit of your mother to depart from you. Decree that you will use your own glory not hers, and whatever she suffered will not be your lot because of your new life in Christ Jesus. 

Then proceed to Isa 53 verse 5.

Stand on the authority of this scripture and ask the Lord to have mercy on you and send His wind and fire of deliverance into your foundation and deliver you from the wickedness of your ancestors. 

(You must become VERY emotional at this point).

Weep and shed real tears here if you can, as you plead for His mercy and fire to purge and cleanse you inside out.

(I explained in Book 7 - Rainmakers' Prayer that your tears can become a dangerous weapon of war in the spirit, if you know how to deploy them) 

Then thank Him for answered prayers. (If you do this well, it will be the turning point of your life). 

NOW STAND UP ON YOUR FEET at this point… you are about to go into battle.

Begin to sing some songs to invite the Holy Ghost’s overpowering presence and anointing. Sing about the blood of Jesus. Usher in the awesome presence of The Almighty.

Then break out in tongues for a while … to get yourself ready for this one prayer bullet. When you feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit, begin to pray like this:

“Foundation of ancestral witchcraft and marine spirits in my life, be destroyed by the fire and thunder of The Holy Ghost (please spend at LEAST  20 MINUTES ON THIS)." 

When you are done, grab the scriptures again and read out loud Psalm 35 verses 1 to 10. And pray the following:

#1. Any power attacking my source of livelihood, I release the anger and the wrath of God upon you, fail in your evil endeavour against me in Jesus’ name. 

#2. Satanic plantations in my life, come out and die (Spend time on this one too, then continue with this: I drink the blood of Jesus Christ and I flush you out; You plantations of darkness, opening doors to enemies in my life, come out now and die in the mighty name of Jesus). 

#3. You my friendly enemies, I release the judgement of God upon you now.

#4. Witchcraft covens in my fathers house and my mother’s house, catch fire and burn to ashes in the name of Jesus. 

#5. Witchcraft satellite in my home, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

#6. Every attack on the works of my hands be neutralised by the blood of Jesus. (Please take a bottle of anointing oil, pronounce the blessings of God upon it, and use the oil to rub over your hands every night before you go to bed for 21 days that you will be firing these prayer bullets).  

Here’s what you should be saying:

I return every evil arrow against the works of my hands back to sender in Jesus mighty name.  

Finally remain fervent in prayer, be crucified in your flesh and have faith on Him who has called you. 

The battle is not yours but The LORD’s. 

Take this for 21 days at the midnight hour. 

Email me a progress report every 7 days. 

This is your Blueprint #1.

- elisha

Be An Overcomer!

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