7 Furious Prayers For Healing

It’s almost the end of a year.

We have become stronger …

… in opposition to the two most contagious “strongmen” currently released on the human beings.

#1. Strongman of Fear

#2. Strongman of ailment and premature death

We must constantly remember ourselves that in order to receive God’s magnificent benefits, we must first continue to live and be in good health.

Furthermore, we can no longer afford to watch as our friends and family members perish under the relentless demon attack masquerading as a pandemic.

One of Prayer Eagles TM denotes in the Forum –

And now another variant has been unleashed, OMICRON, the devil is a liar.

How long are we going to live through these demonic cycles of travel bans, lockdowns and quarantine?

I bind and curse this virus to die in the name of Jesus. I render it useless by the blood of Jesus.

It shall not affect me, my family nor the plans that the Lord has in store for me in the year 2022. I refuse to live in fear, panic or anxiety.

I command this demonic virus to go back where it came from and infect whoever  unleashed it right from the beginning in the name of Jesus.

And all satanic mouth pieces disseminating fear and panic amongst God’s people, we silence you by the blood of Jesus.

I speak Psalm 91: 3-12 upon my life and family in Jesus name.

Personally, I’m just fed up of all this Covid stuff. I think it’s just a big business venture by a few corporations.”

One of the greatest distinctions of the biblical prophets is being displayed by EagleTM.

Each and every one of those eminent prophets excelled at this particular task.

It would be wise for you to do the same.

Particularly in these dangerous times, which have been defined by the biggest lie in the last century.

Before discussing that …

Congratulations to all of our visitors, friends, and members who have fought alongside us this entire year in the prayer trenches.

I have been seeing bizarre, desperate emails like this for the last two months.


Email #1:


Unpleasant Side Effects?


“I pray for your assistance. I have long since given up storming the gates.

I successfully completed the prayer academy this year, but I felt like I needed to go through it again.

My sister-in-law bought and joined me in prayer when I persuaded her to do so, and she did. But I experienced a dream attack when I got to the end of lesson 6.

3 lions attacked me as I was travelling. I overheard one of them said that I got one part of her, as I was running. I hopped into my brother’s car and we left the scene of the attack.

We received the second dose of the COVID vaccine the same week at work, and a few days later I developed shingles on one side of my head.

In and out of the hospital, I have been in pain while on a drip. The worst is that my doctor wants to perform both a cancer and an HIV test. A liar is the devil!

In my hospital bed, I need prayers to protect me from the sudden evil that is enveloping the brightness of God, which I have been receiving via prayer since 2012.

To send the devil back to where it came from, I will need specific prayers.

  • Name Wasn’t Mentioned


These are the prayers for folks who are dealing with these issues.


3 Red Alert Prayers


(Take note that these 3 prayers must be recited with holy rage and aggression.)


  1. In the name of Jesus, O LORD, deliver me from the clutches of death.
  2. In the name of Jesus, announce total healing, total deliverance, and total restoration over every organ in my body, O Great Physician, by all the authority for which you are recognised to be God.
  3. Where is the LORD God of Elijah? Speak now in the name of Jesus and use fire to humiliate the offspring of Balaam and Babel.

(Ask them to pray for anyone you know who is experiencing difficulties, like the sister who sent the email mentioned above. It’s crucial that you clarify to them what it means to pray with “holy anger”).

Going forward.

Throughout this year …

Our prayer riots have centred on arming the saints with spiritual wisdom, insight, and ammunition to bring every issue to an end.

To confront the enemy, our prayer eagle warriors are given supernatural empowerment.

… and SUCCEED in the Holy Ghost’s power.

Take a look at this magnificent illustration from the current native language prayer sessions:


How To Retaliate!

“Wow, week 2 native prayers have been a marathon!

As I prayed in my native language, breaking ancestral shackles in the language from which they came, I felt a change and an increase in power.

These prayers are highly powerful, and they quickly cause chaos in the enemy’s camp. I woke up at 02:47 and prayed after doing my final midnight prayers for week 2.

In my dream, I saw what I thought was a snake within a big vase. I discovered it to be an iguana reptile with a human upper body upon closer study.

I grabbed it by the mouth and ripped it to pieces with my bare hands. As soon as I opened my eyes, I sealed this deliverance with the blood of Jesus.

For being a part of this Platinum Forum, I give thanks to the Lord. My testimony is starting to load, and I’m looking forward to God moving in all the areas of my life!


  • The Platinum Forum’s Eagle Nomonde


Many of the enduring issues we face currently have buried roots in the dream world.

Because of this, we advise that the biggest victories in life can also be linked to your dreams.

See the tragic situation with the sister in Email #1; the attack was premeditated.

Then took on the worst form possible in the natural world.

Now, contrast that circumstance with this platinum eagle’s ideal encounter.

This beast met its demise at the hands of a stern prayer warrior, unlike the demonic lions who escaped unharmed.

Worship the LORD.

Nothing makes me happier than to watch our prayer warrior eagles defeat the opposition.

.. and triumph.

A few days ago, something occurred that gave me nothing but smiles.

One of our eagles, whose testimony we shared and celebrated here last year, was targeted by the enemy in an attempt to steal his job.

The attack was only a first step for heavenly elevation, unknown to the adversary.

She denotes:


“Victory At The end of 6-Days Battle”


“The enemy made a terrible error on Day 3 of the Esther Fast, during the first week of native tongue prayers.

He attempted to take my job. I was given three days to depart the company and a notification that my contract was ending. (Note that I’m in a foreign nation.) I could not believe the wickedness that was taking place because this was all a big farce.

I gave our coach the specifics and took him at his word that the same evil will eventually turn good. I persisted in my faith and said the native prayers.

After three days, I was instructed to stay put in order to replace a staff member who was about to take a leave of absence.

I agreed, but I understood that wasn’t the end… Six days later, I was reinstated at work and given a favourable move to a better workstation.

Sometime during the day, I would utilise scriptures to mock the enemy since I believed he would undoubtedly pay for it.

When prayer is joined with complete faith in God, it has power. I actually developed a true trust in God…

Another thing I had was complete calm, and my co-workers couldn’t understand how I could act so normally in such a scenario. I keep giving thanks to God for my life.”


  • The Platinum Forum’s Eagle BR


Nehemiah made the following observation regarding one of Israel’s cruellest adversaries:


They hired Balaam to curse the children of Israel rather than greeting them with bread and water, but our God converted the curse into a blessing.

  • Nehemiah 13:2,


I have no idea what the devil and his minions are currently hurling at you.

But I’m confident that our God has the power to transform evil into good.

… and curses into blessings.

We are preparing to pray.

Though before that …

Let’s go back to the era of the prophets.

Aside from conveying God’s truth in its purest and most unadulterated form, what else did they all excel at?

Cursing the works of darkness was something they were quite good at.

Indeed, they were skilled “cursers”.

Think about …

  • Elisha vs the mocking voices – 2 Kings 2
  • Jeremiah vs evil counsellors – Jer. 18
  • The Lord Jesus vs the fig tree – Mark 11
  • Apostle Paul vs false preachers – Gal. 1

The right and authority to curse illnesses and diseases has been given to us.

And order their demise.

Yes, we have the authority to prophesy death upon any issue.

Including troubles like …

  • financial failure
  • joblessness
  • marital distress
  • dream attacks
  • shame and disgrace
  • stranglehold of debts
  • chronic poverty


That is precisely what Eagle TM is doing to the forces supporting the so-called Omicron variation (and you should too).

As the year’s end draws near …

Please prepare yourself to …

… TAKE BACK all the adversary has taken this year.


Ingredient from The Bible: Psalm 4:1


Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness:

thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress;

have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.


  1. In the name of Jesus, Holy Spirit, ignite my spirit for God (give it at least 5 minutes).
  2. May the efficacy of Jesus’ blood dispel every demonic prophecy of tragedy and death for my family this year.
  3. In the name of Jesus, heed the word of the Lord and reject an early death.
  4. In the name of Jesus, speak your message of deliverance and resurrection to each organ in my body. Let the blood of Jesus neutralise any poison that has been injected into my body.
  5. In the name of Jesus, I reverse the curse of premature death; all who suffer from incurable illnesses and diseases, carry your evil burden and pass away.
  6. In the name of Jesus, I command any authority building coffins for my family and I to enter those coffins.
  7. In the name of Jesus, I thus decree that as of right now, my surroundings shall be favourable to me.


Has the LORD done anything for you this year?

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