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“My Prayer Life Has Changed, Marriage Restored”

“I am from Papua New Guinea. I was introduced to your website by a friend in October 2018.

I went onsite and read the e-books on Passion Prayer and the Prayer Cookbook for Busy People and I realized for the first time that my whole  life was in bondage and I never knew about it.

I began to fast and pray and God began to reveal the spiritual bondage I was in including my family. I began the Point by Point prayer and after 21days of prayer, God exposed all the dark secret sins in my marriage.

My husband was seeing another woman. We agued and he left. I was crushed in my spirit and had not eaten for 5 days. Prayer was difficult during this time. My elder brother who I have been sending him your Prayer booklets quickly identified a prayer and called me and asked me to use this target prayer:

“Let the angel of war and fire bind the marital spirit with hot chains and fetters of God and lock it at the bottom lake of fire until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”

I began to realize I was experiencing holy anger in me and I prayed and kept praying. I asked God to fully restore my marriage with a change of heart in my husband as I believed that after 6 years of marriage, and especially now that my spiritual eyes and ears are open on how to battle well in prayer, I can no longer allow the enemy to steal, kill and destroy me.

After 2 weeks of prayer and partial fasting, I heard a car parked outside our family home. I looked outside and there he (my husband) was standing at the gate.

Target persistent prayer draws spiritual breakthrough and restoration and I am grateful that the Holy Spirit had helped me understand how to really pray to God.

He came into the house and confessed every single hidden sin he committed. He apologized more than once and told me exactly what I asked God for in prayer.

Tears ran down my face, not because I was sad of the hurts he had done to me but I was filled with so much joy as I could not thank God enough as I felt right there, right in front of me is a big and  extraordinary God who, through my husband’s confession, is restoring my marriage.


God had also changed my husband in many ways. He loves me more, respects me more, comes to the house to spend time with me. He now asks me to pray unlike before.

I told God that when you restore my marriage, I will serve you and speak of your grace and mercy to help those families, parents, men and women who are facing marital issues/distress.

Last week, my church pastors called me over and told me that they have pre-nominated me for the Women’s Vice President position for Southern Region churches.

I believe that there is something in me that God desires and I told my pastor that I want to fully serve God and I am ready to take it- to be used as His vessel.”

Gumunah D, Papua New Guinea


There are 3 books she mentioned in her testimony.

One of them, Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ is free to download here.

(See below on how to access the rest).

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Prayer Cookbook for Busy People

Four Prayers to Release Your Daily Testimony

Go here for 4 prayers to set your enemies on fire

Go here for the 3 Best Days to Pray (and Receive Answers)

Other titles – on dreams, healing, deliverance, etc.

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