Calling All Our Facebook Heroes...

Eagles' Challenge 2018

An airline ticket awaits you today...

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Calvary greetings!

Exciting things are happening on social media ...

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On Facebook, Ruth says:

"Oh I have fallen in love with the kind of praying taught here.
Eagles of Prayer are equipped with the biblical ways of prayer
and prayers that bring answers and testimonies for the Glory 
of God."

Still on Facebook Beverlyn writes:

"I thank God for helping me.
I completed Prayer Academy last year November. 
My life has changed."

Mazani Rita chimes in:

"Awesome stuff....a must read for every Christian out there."



I must confess ...

Facebook has not been a platform that we're focused on.

But once in a while I take a look.

To my surprise I saw that our messages are
reaching an average of 4100 people there every single day.

Now, that's a drop in the bucket...
considering that there are over a billion people there.

So many souls that MUST be reached with the gospel,
not to mention our peculiar approach to prayer.

The little we've reached so far is because of wonderful eagles
like Ruth, Beverlyn and Mazani...

... who tirelessly post, like, comment and share our daily 
emails with their friends.

They are our Facebook Heroes.

The more they like, comment and share, the more our reach...
and the more people get blessed with their own
powerful testimonies.

All to the glory of God.

Here's my EAGLES' CHALLENGE to you, if you are on Facebook:

With our permission, Eagle Lis has just set up a new Facebook page called -

Elisha Prayer Eagles

You can see the page here and HERE

All our daily email broadcasts will be automatically posted to that page.

You can go to that page to see our daily prayer bullets, then...

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If you start making these posts like Ruth, Beverlyn and Mazani,
one day that post could go viral.

Meaning Facebook's algorithms would push it 
to reach millions and millions of people.

                                  Like. Comment. Share.

Now, if it is YOUR post that helps push us to reach 1 million

... here's what will happen:

You will receive a 'surprise' airplane ticket to visit us here in
the City of Roses, if you're one of those people who have
been wishing to visit and meet with me in person, face to face.


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All expenses paid.

Then you and I will enter into my prayer closet so I can

share some things with you that I dare not talk about publicly.

Apostle Paul said:

For I long to see you, that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift,
to the end you may be established-- Romans 1:11

Same thing here.

However, if you are NOT interested in meeting with me, that's fine too.

We'll still send you a ticket to any place of your choosing,
anywhere in the world.

So make sure to pray before you like, comment and share daily ...

... and let the LORD do the rest.

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, 
but not with God; all things are possible with God." - Mark 10:27

Be An Overcomer


PS:  The new Facebook page is called Elisha Prayer Eagles here:

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