In the dream the enemy was staring at her with steely, dagger eyes ... until she remembered one of elisha's prayer bullets

"You're seeing this page for one reason ONLY" 

David asked me:

"Is there a good reason I have to join the Prayer Academy?

Does it add something to salvation?

Am a bit afraid of joining any groups."  

My Answer:  

"No no no ... you don't have to join.

Prayer Academy is for those who want to ...

recover EVERYTHING the enemy

has stolen from them. This may not apply to you."

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It's chaotic.

Yet beautiful and unforgettable.

Chaotic for the enemies of our God.

Beautiful for the Eagles in the prayer trenches.

Many years ago...

The devil was all over me like a cheap suit.

Raining blows on me day and night.

My finances were in the toilet.

Marriage under siege.

Career all but over.

I was reeling from the never-ending punches.

Until one night.

I was doing something called a 'prayer riot', which had been divinely revealed to me.

But that night I was exhausted, weak and could barely drag myself to the bathroom.

I remember sitting there and telling the LORD if he would only deliver me...

... I was going to give the devil a surprise package.

How will you do that, came the question.

By sharing with believers all over the world so they too could deal a death blow to the enemy's agenda --

... and then begin to live a life of dominion and victory.

I wish I could tell you everything turned around miraculously after but that's not how it happened.

It was a long, tough slog. I fell down many times.

Then He would whisper to me:

... a righteous man falls seven times, and rises up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. - Prov. 24:16

Before long I'd be back in the action.

Then he showed me a glimpse of the realm of the spirit.

Total chaos in the camp of the enemy.

While for me and my fellow travelers it was the sound of celebration and victory.

A time came when I began to share what I've learned with the world.

Not long after, I received a panic email from Australia...

... written by a lady called Sophia.

She wrote:

"I heard the Lord this morning, when I was still in bed, telling me that His secrets have been unlocked on Google.

I got concerned as to how someone could surely have the secret of the Lord and I told Him that His word says His secret is with His people, so who could have His secret on the net on GOOGLE?

As I was praying about this, my friend walked into the house and I told her all about what God has said and she told me that there is a website that has unlocked the secret of the Lord.

Indeed, I am here talking to you by divine intervention and I am looking forward to knowing the secrets here and walking in their reality."

- Sophia, Australia

Let me ask you:

Do you just want to discover the secrets of answered prayers ...

... and look forward to walking in that reality, just like Sophia?

OR --

Do you feel rejected...

... hurt, disappointed, lonely, discouraged, mistreated, embarrassed and unappreciated?

OR --

Do you hear people saying they need a new or better job,

OR their marriage is falling apart, or their kids are not doing well...

OR they are up to their eyes in debt, or some stubborn sickness is slowly sucking the life out of them...

OR they are facing wicked attacks in the dream?

Then you've come to the right place.

Please read on.


Live Forum

 I have read enough, please take me to sign up page

From: elisha        
Sunday, 2:30 a.m.
Dear Friend,

I want to congratulate you for reading this far...

... and for reading my emails as we rapidly move towards the close of this year.

To you, this short invitation could work like the proverbial "small hinges that open big doors."

I will explain what that means in a moment, but before then, a very important message:

We're now just a few weeks from the end of this year.

The question is ...
How Do You Want To See
Yourself In The Next 90 Days ?

Spiritual victory, plus the sweet savor of success it generates is no accident.

It takes careful planning. And inspired action.

This is the PERFECT TIME to re-examine the spiritual foundation for your success before this year runs to a close.

Here are the 4 simple steps to put you on the overcomers' track:

#1 Ask yourself, What do I want to accomplish this year that I have not been able to accomplish so far?

#2 Now imagine that GOD is able to make it happen for you within the next 90 days ...

... and how such divine intervention will change your life, your family, and those around you.

#3 Ask yourself, What powerful blessings, new miracles, new favors do I need to breakthrough to success and victory in the next 90 days?

#4 Now think, What is the hidden and most fulfilling way to testimonies ...

... that believers have always tapped into ...

... and how can I apply it starting this night?

I KNOW the ups and downs you go through on a daily basis with your life, family, business or job.

I have not only experienced them myself, I've talked with and prayed with thousands of believers across the world who were in your shoes.

I KNOW what it's like to be sitting on the wrong side of the river -- so to speak -- where the grass is dead and people look hopeless and not very happy...

... looking across to the other side, where the Feast of Life is rocking away, and everyone is feasting on the promises of God and VERY happy.

And I hated the fact that I didn't know how to get across that river.

Didn't know how to claim my seat at the Feast.
LORD helped me
(and will help you too)

To build my OWN little bridge to cross that river, and take a seat with the other happy people.

Do you know how the LORD empowered me to be able to build that bridge, and how HE helped me to change my life forever?

HE taught me to pray in a targeted, focused manner.

From the moment I discovered how to craft a prayer "bullet" that worked (from the Scriptures) ...

... I kissed my old life goodbye forever ...

... that sad old life of discouragement, debt, fear and hopelessness ...

... and promptly entered into the joys of an EXCITING abundant life with the LORD.

And what I found, I recommend it to everyone who comes across our teachings.

In fact, God willing, I will continue to do whatever I can to help you build YOUR own bridge...

... so you, too, can come over to the lush fields of exciting spiritual journey with the LORD...

... where sometimes prayers get answered while you are yet speaking!

There are many ways to build your own bridge...

... and HE can show you a thousand and one ways to do so, if you know how to ask HIM.

But the one way HE helped me and I KNOW I can help you with...

... is to show you how to pray in a focused, targeted manner.

The 4 prayer manuals we use in the Prayer Academy contain over 1000 prayer "bullets" that have put smiles on the faces of thousands ...

... if not tens of thousands, for the past 14 years (that's how long we've been doing this online).

Last-minute prayer session for the year?


 I have read enough, please take me to sign up page>>

Here's what happened.

Years ago I was led (by the Spirit of God) to write a prayer manual.

Originally, I wrote a hefty 324-page manual showing every single detail of ...

... what the Lord taught me about how to pray yourself into breakthroughs with the help of the Holy Spirit...

... and then turn around to give others a helping hand (there are people whose deliverance is tied to your own, you know).

 But then I wasn't comfortable with the size of the book. It was TOO big.

 I realized most people will just find it difficult to sit down and go through the book in this day and age ... we are all very busy.

So I cut down the material ruthlessly (to just 91 pages), leaving only the bare bare bones prayer bullets and the 3 key biblical principles upon which they hang.

Even better ...

... saving the rest for the step-by-step practical sessions of the 7 Lessons of the Prayer Academy.


Because I realized you do need guided help, if you must see results.

And get good FAST enough to show others the way.

So you can take your seat at the feast SOONER, rather than waiting another year, or two, or ten...

... or worse NEVER discovering how to activate Bible promises like the rest of the people.

Oh, lest I forget...

This year we also added something to the 7 Lessons.

It is called Lesson ZERO.

At 6:00 A.M. in the morning of January 8, 2019 I saw this email in my inbox.

It is from someone who has recently completed the NEW Prayer Academy:

"Permission Request to Share Lesson ZERO"

"Good day elisha
Please may you allow me to share Lesson Zero with my friend, her name is xxxxxxxxxxx.

She did her Prayer Academy sometime back before Lesson Zero was introduced.

"She is having a problem that I once went through which was addressed in Lesson Zero.

I used to have dream of a spirit spouse wearing my husband's face.

"On the first day of Lesson Zero the spirit husband was unmasked, it was a serpent, wearing my husband's clothes but its face was unmasked, I chased it until I destroyed it.

"My friend is being attacked by a spirit, which comes wearing her younger face. Please allow me to share the prayer points with her."

- Eagle X, South Africa

Spiritual problems need spiritual solutions.

See how she dealt with that stubborn problem?

So can you.

This year 2019 really can end as your best year ever and the start of a new life...

... free from satanic oppression, free from debt, free from roadblocks...

... in your relationship with the LORD, in your health and finances, and even in your marriage...

... if you will sign up and go through the 13-week schedule we've lined up for you --

(in the NEW Prayer Forum where prayer eagles are active day and night).

REMEMBER: I was given 3 mandates in setting up the Prayer Academy Forum

1. Take the most powerful prayers that eagles have prayed since the dawn of Christianity...

 2. Update and put these prayers on the lips of average 21st century Christians...

... who desperately need urgent breakthroughs in their lives (please note the word: desperately)

 3. Coach them step-by-step in the Members' Forum to pray to the point of breakthroughs, miracles, signs and wonders

(we stopped counting when we reached 10,000 testimonies from 117 countries on file).

 The Prayer Academy Forum for this month is already open...

... with Starter Prayers ready in preparation for the start of the program on the 25th.

This is an online program.

You do NOT need to travel anywhere.

All that is required is the login details into the Members' Forum... which will be sent to your inbox after you sign up.

PLUS ... either your PC or Smartphone to log anytime of the day or night.

Please pay CLOSE attention...

... I have news for you!

Because if you'd take a step of faith and order this prayer manual and the other teaching materials (ebooks) available on my website now ...

... you will be fast-tracked into the ongoing Prayer Academy Forum so you can start immediately.

 Without delay.

That means:

#1: You will not be required to pass the Gideon Test anymore (others used to go through it before they could join the Prayer Academy).

This is a spiritual test administered just like Gideon was instructed to do in the Bible.

And screen some people out even before they have a chance to get in.

#2: There is NOTHING else to pay for the 7 Lessons ...

... provided you have ordered your own copies of the reading and reference manuals that will be used.

Even if someone forwarded the old materials to you earlier, you are NOT qualified to join this session...

You will find the updated ones here...

 Go here for more>>


#3: You have free and unfettered access to a password-protected Private Members Forum WITHIN 2 DAYS OF SIGNING UP (see picture above).

That is just the FIRST STEP on the way to a treasure trove of prayer bullets and courses that I don't usually share with the public -

(i.e. those who are not grounded in the principles of prayer taught here).

#4: And much, much MORE!

Here We Go...

For the LAST time this year we're about to hit the ground running again... Starting shortly!


As soon as you download the new materials (please allow 24 hours after your order)...

... open to the Prayer DNA Secrets ebook and study the principles behind our prayers.

(It is an exciting, eye-opening read - takes less than an hour to read. Stop at page 77).

This is NOT one of those boring stuff floating around the Internet.

You will find yourself glued to this stuff once you open the first page -- guaranteed.

NOTE: Our prayers work best when prayed at the Hour of Interruption (midnight hour)...

... and I explain why in the Prayer Cookbook for Busy People (this one will take you about 45 minutes to read... stop at page 54).

If you have any known health problem, there is a specific lesson of the Prayer Academy that is targeted at destroying sicknesses and diseases.

 If you are over 35 and still single ...

... you will see how to pray and wipe off the evil mark of rejection from your forehead in the spirit

(that means you will not be one of those unfortunate people who get dumped for your competitors).

If you are married but your marriage is under satanic attack ...

you will soon discover how to take out a spiritual insurance policy for your marriage (simple 15-minute prayer makes your marriage impossible to break)...

... plus, ensure years of love, respect and undivided attention from your spouse.
Lest I forget...
In the past we've disqualified many people from the Academy when we found they were not hungry enough for their breakthroughs...

 ... and given their spots to to others.

Don't let someone steal your place!

TRUTH: It is crucial that you prepare for your life to be transformed before this year comes to an end.

This could change your forever... starting NOW.

One more thing.

Let nothing, absolutely nothing, interfere with your immediate action. A change for the better justifies no delay.

Please take the step now that means more blessings next week, plus powerful testimonies of healing and deliverance before this year runs out.

Be An Overcomer,



 How to spot fake suitors with 3 simple prayer bullets

(this would help you avoid one of the worst problems of most married couples today - getting married to counterfeit spouse) 

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How to take out a spiritual insurance policy for your marriage (simple 15-minute prayer makes your marriage impossible to break)...

 ... PLUS, ensure years of love, respect and undivided attention from your spouse.

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