Gina prayed: 'Every dark river of marriage distress flowing to me from my father's, mother's or my in-laws' place dry up now in Jesus' name'... please read on to see what happened:


Is your marriage important to you?

                Finally Married
– After 27 Years!

“I got married to a man of God also using prayer materials for singles. The same man of God paid lobola for me and went to settle in marriage with another woman for 27 years. From the beginning they were not at all happy up till the time they separated. We are now husband and wife as of the 10th January 2013. I need to thank the Lord for sending us someone like Elisha Goodman.”

- Mashigo, South Africa


27 Years of Marital
Problems Disappear

"Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way. I was introduced to your website by my cousin after repeated complains about my marriage. 

Your prayer points, scriptures and teachings have brought 
light into my life. Now I am enjoying my marriage. 

I have been married for 27 years but it was so difficult to have a smooth conversation with my husband. 

He had a high temper and would control the conversation in a violent way. Nothing fruitful would result. 

When I joined the Prayer Academy you advised me to confess
the sins of anger for my husband. Now God has changed him 
to a lovely humble husband. 

This prayer point was such a powerful missile:

'Every dark river of marriage distress flowing to me from my father's, mother's or my in-laws' place dry up now in Jesus' name'. 

He never used to like my parents. 

But God does the impossible - we have been to see my mum 
and the love he has given her- he has never shown her that 
kind of love before! I cannot stop thanking God."

- Sister G, United Kingdom



From: Elisha Goodman                                                                    Monday 1:45 AM

Dear Christian Friend,

Calvary greetings!

There's a simple secret that JESUS taught me 11 years ago.

In a moment, I'd like to share it with you, if you'll let me.

But first ... from the City of Prayer Warriors:

The Pastor Asked:
"What Have You Given
To Your Husband?"

      "My sister introduced me to your website in August 2012.Ever since, my life has changed in a whole new way. I feel I'm a new creation! 

      Let me share one of my many testimonies. I have been married for 12 years, but had not formalised my wedding in church. As December 2012 approached, I asked God to give me 'a testimony that would shock my enemies and surprise my friends'.  

     God gave me exactly that. In mid December, my husband, from the blues, suggested that we go and  see our pastor so that he could give us a wedding date!  

      I could not believe that this was happening! Our pastor also wondered why my husband after waiting for 12 years, now wanted a wedding within days!  

      He asked me, 'what have you given to your husband?' On 21st December, 2012 we had a beautiful small wedding. All Glory to God! I wonder what will happen to my life & my loved ones once I go through the Prayer Academy from 25th."

  - Martha M, Kenya

Next up... all the way from Germany:

"Marital Breakthrough In 5 Weeks!"

"Dear Elisha, i wrote to you and ordered the ebook on marriages and relationships "Point by Point" on the 29 of Oktober and immediately read the book and went into prayer concerning my relationship.

I had been engaged since the 16 of Dec last year but things just seemed not to go forward, there was such a blockage and one problem led to another, sometimes it seemed as if my fiance's mind was just blocked and didn't seem to know what to do.

When i received the ebook on the 29 of Okt i went into the midnight prayers in the book and i am full of joy to let you know that we had the most beautiful wedding on the 6 of Dec (it will be 2 weeks tomorrow)."


- Abigail T, Dusseldorf, Germany

Did you know that there are "pirates" and "vampires" in the spirit realm?

Their main assignment is to steal or block blessings from people
before they have a chance to receive them?

They go about this unholy task in many ways.

Here are some of their evil strategies:

Evil Strategy  #1:

They manipulate people away from their place of blessing, and instead redirect their footsteps into a wilderness where there is no water.

Evil Strategy #2:

They mark unsuspecting people with invisible ink ... making it almost impossible for good things to come into their hands (Note: This is a VERY powerful secret in the spirit realm).

Evil Strategy #3:

They overwhelm people with many problems from different angles so they never have any breathing space to pursue God's purpose for their lives.

Evil Strategy #4:

They place HIDDEN BLOCKS that cripple the spirit, soul and body. For example, when certain objects have been placed in the womb, many women will find it difficult to have babies.  

(Hint: These spiritual objects cannot be detected by even the most sophisticated technology available today!)   


And What Happens To All The Juicy Divine Benefits
That God Daily Appoints For Such People?


Unfortunately, these are immediately spirited away . . . into huge, giant warehouses in the invisible realm ... where they are sooner or later re-distributed among the agents of darkness.

Yes, many spouses and spouses-to-be are in the enemy's cage... and they need to be released through prayers!

"Godly Spouse Released
From Evil Cage"


“I had a chance of receiving the bullet point from    your website when a friend of mine directed me to Google. 

      I did so indeed I found amazing secrets that I did not know since I have accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour and Lord up to date.

     To summarize everything, my Father answered my prayers through the ‘19 prayer points to release God - ordained partner from evil spiritual cage’.

     I am presently engaged to a God-fearing, handsome man and we are getting married in October this year. Through your website I was transformed...  I said my    ordained husband will locate me and he did.

     It was a turnaround strategy for me not to go around looking for a man. God escorted him to me. Thank God for your website. May God richly lift you up and bless you further. Thanks.”

-      --   Lisebo M,  South Africa


You can now see that many times when you pray for God to bless you, HE actually does.

But the blessings get lost, stolen, delayed, exchanged, even buried or destroyed
altogether in transit (in the spirit realm) behind your back...

...While you wait endlessly and wonder why your prayers never seem to receive any answers,
like that of others.

Now you know!


When things have deteriorated to this level, it takes MORE that faith ...
it takes more than POSITIVE CONFESSION to recover and make progress.

Please don't let anyone deceive you that you don't have faith.

Most likely you have have faith enough ... it's just that it will take MORE than faith
to undo the damage that's been done already.

At this point I'll encourage you to stop reading long enough to fire this prayer bullet: 

"You powers diverting my blessings in the spirit, 
I bury you today in the mighty name of Jesus."

Let me ask you this quick question:

Have You Taken A Spiritual Look 
At Your Neighbourhood Yet?

If you haven't (or don't know how to) you
will be surprised at what I'm about to say next:

There is something called the oil of the Spirit. Many refer to it as the anointing.

Once the oil of the Spirit has been stolen (or hijacked) from your life, dryness sets in.

Before long it spreads like a cancer ... and begins to manifest in a desert marriage, loss of finances, rebellious children, wilderness ministry, inability to focus on one thing to completion, depression, discouragement, and even poor and failing health.

In short, everything turns into a desert... very QUICKLY.

But there is good news.

This is our TAKE BACK year.

JESUS has made a way for you to recover what has been stolen from your marriage ... so you can break fresh grounds rapidly this year and beyond.
This is the year of TAKE BACK for believers who are alert in the spirit.

What will your story be like?

In one week ... one month ... 3 months?

Since 2005 when the Lord told me to begin sharing midnight prayer secrets online, ordinary Christians just like you (from 117 countries) have been stepping forward to confirm that these teachings have helped them (and can help you) to:

Breakthrough  #1:
"Open" their eyes to see divine opportunities everyone else around them cannot see.

Breakthrough #2:
Smash through obstacles and invisible barriers that are impossible to others.

Breakthrough #3:
Overcome the memory chains of past failures and abuses that are crippling you today.

Breakthrough #4:
Helps you find the time to do anything you want, and turn your dreams into reality almost overnight.

Breakthrough #5:
Make marital problems HALF-SOLVE THEMSELVES before you even touch them (there is now a new Case Study on the blog with a step-by-step account of what happened to a sister recently when she embarked on a 10-day prayer journey).

Breakthrough #6:
Melt away satanically inspired problems ... and begin to attract divine helpers, admiring friends and allies like a giant magnet.

Breakthrough #7:
Recover your self-esteem, divine authority and personal magnetism ... the kind of spontaneous, divine charm that melts even icebergs.

Breakthrough #8:
Get higher pay than any other person in your office doing the same job.

Breakthrough #9:
Make unfriendly neighbours, co-workers, family members suddenly recognize you as the head and not the tail (Remember: the Bible says when a man's ways please the Lord, He will make even his enemies to be at peace with him).

Breakthrough #10:
Rekindle your spouse's interest in you (if you are married) even if he or she hasn't looked at you in years.

Breakthrough #11:
Catapult you from an obscure, affliction-stricken existence to someone whose opinions are valued by the leading lights in your generation.

Breakthrough #12:
Smash obstacles right out of your path, as though you were brushing a fly off your forehead.

Breakthrough #13:
(If you are in business) unleash overwhelming magnetic power that the men and women in charge of money-making opportunities will actually SEEK YOU OUT to participate in their profits.

Breakthrough #14:
Transform your lazy, unfocused, easily-fatigued prayer times into a dynamo of spiritual power that can last for hours and hours.

Breakthrough #15:
Turn opponents into friends, especially in the new spiritual jungle called "office politics."

Breakthrough #16:
Shatter habits, weaknesses and limitations that have crippled you for years ... and replace them with an irresistible drive and determination that makes enemies flee from your path like ants beneath your feet.

Breakthrough #17:
Close the door through which evil genetic carryovers of sickness, poverty and affliction have been gaining access into your life (you don't have to go through the same problems as your parents and siblings).

Breakthrough #18:
Help scriptures stick to your memory - so you can play back to the enemy even in your dreams ON DEMAND almost word for word what you read as much as six months or a full year before ... anytime you sense a spiritual attack on your mind.

In fact, you will be able to overwhelm all obstacles on your way ... using prayer "bullets" and scriptures that most people have never even heard of.



"My Haman Was Hanged In My Place"

God has been faithfully. You remember an e-mail I sent about some of my friends planning to kick me out of my job? I went into a 3 day dry fast and instead the master mind was sacked from our organization two weeks after I broke the fast. I used the 3 Psalms you sent me. After that I went into 3 days of Esther fast when you sent us the 7 prayer points to get out of debt. I choose option 5 (3 days dry fast and waking up at midnight to pray).

- Sister Millicent A. 

It is dangerous to try to remove our prayer eagles from their place of blessing.


Because we teach them how to enter into the spiritual realm and exercise dominion authority over situations and circumstances that the enemy throws at them... all in the Name of Jesus.

And if they follow the instructions to the letter, the LORD who sent me is always ready to back up every prayer bullet dispensed from this site.

You see...  to the casual observer, many prayer bullets on this site may appear harmless. 

But when JESUS, the ONE who sent me, sees that a person is actually following instructions, He can transforms these same prayers into Spiritual WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) in the camp of the enemy ... if those enemies ever make the mistake of moving too close.

YES, JESUS empowers them  ... to dislodge HIDDEN PIRATES from their physical bodies (Note: most people you see everyday are loaded with "strangers" in their body but they have no clue what to do about it).

Not so this aggressive sister:


"My Sister In Law Manifested ... 
And Left My Body"

I wish to share my experience of what happened when I started the Academy prayers #3 .You said we should do the Easter fast  in combination with these prayers which I did, on the last day while doing the last 6 hourly prayers I started hissing like a snake and went on the floor and started moving like a snake and the hissing continued and became so powerful and i felt like it went out my face felt so hot. 

As if that was enough my sister in law manifested and said she was leaving my body, she had been using me in her business, she had used $10 of my money which I gave her to get to make me work in her business. I took 20.00 and counter act  this action...

- Sister S. T.


"I Came On This Course Praying 
For A Divorce But ..."

The goodness of God inside of me is just make me feel I really can enjoy my life at last. Past events are behind me and I am looking towards the future with God has the chief cornerstone in my life. 

Elisha, my husband of 12 yrs was so angry with me and God. I would never believe it but God really change people. So much peace in him we are even thinking of having another baby. 

I came on this course praying to God for a divorce. Yes! I have learned you cannot pray against the commandments of God. God changed me. It started with a text from your prayer point. 

Your prayer points delivers the manifestation of God presence in my life.  So many times I wanted to give up and stop praying. But the holy spirit took over and the strength just comes from no where but the spirit of God. 

Elisha, I have waited for 12 years to hear my husband say he would not mind another child. I was so fearful of him, all I was praying for , was for a divorce ... . You have given the building blocks.  I have learned to apply the prayer of power of God words, through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit Thank you for your course. God bless you.

- Jenny T, U.K.


"The Holy Spirit Put Your Name 
In My Head ... In A Dream!"

I got the e-mail first via a free dream code book from a friend. One night as I had a nightmare the Holy Spirit put your name in my head. Next morning I was gong through the internet to locate you. I than prayed about it because I belong to a certain church I thought it was not being loyal to my church.

Than in a dream I saw your paper and I was excited. Then I knew the Holy Spirit has sent me to you. I used the 40 prayer points to get a car/house. I fasted 3 days dry fast and money that I was struggling to get for one year got released a week after

And my dreams changed when I use your materials. I even had a vision of  a man saying lift him up to my son and  in 2 days my boy started walking he was crawling. 

It works and the things you teach are not contradicting my pastor's teaching just that I am more inspired to use yours. When you are in a big church thee isn’t much attention given to an individual because of time. The only time I see my pastor is with crusades.

- Felicia Z

All the praise and glory to our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

How To TAKE BACK Your Marital Blessings --
Even If Everything Seems Lost At The Moment.


Friend, tremendous power to overcome obstacles lie dormant - almost useless - within you RIGHT NOW.

I am talking about The Anointing. If you have wholeheartedly accepted the Lord JESUS into your life, HE Himself said that the Anointing is right within YOU.

It is time to stop running around looking for places to send prayer requests to people who may not even have time to pray for you!

You will only end end up with disappointments and broken promises.

What you urgently need now is to discover how to ACTIVATE the anointing within you ... for unstoppable exploits, especially in the area of your marriage, starting immediately.

to focus and unleash this Power of the Anointing ...
With All The Force of An Exploding Volcano

In the NEXT Prayer Academy - GOLD EDITION (Lesson 0 begins tonight, Lesson 1 begins next week) you will be introduced to a series of fascinating prayer exercises called MIRACLE MAGNETIZERS.

Each of these "Miracle Magnetizer Treatments" takes only 3 days of fasting-prayer a week but their effects are far-reaching and beyond words.




If you'd like to TAKE BACK your marriage this year, please begin by clicking below:

"Yes, I Want To  Secure My Seat For Prayer Academy
- GOLD EDITION Right Now>>"


Please Note Carefully ...

I received this heavenly mandate to raise and nurture an end time army of prayer eagles ... who will see obstacles as an opportunity to demonstrate the unchallengeable power of God. 

The LORD (who sent me) wants us to confront HEAD ON the escalating crises in the lives of His people, especially in the areas of their health, marriages and finances.

To fulfill that mandate we've shifted into crisis mode ...  from now till the end of the year.


Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
And Secure My Seat For 7 Lessons Of Prayer Academy FIRST>>"


All our teaching materials will be sent to you as email attachments, so you can have easy access anytime you want... just hours AFTER you sign up.

What does this mean for you?

If you are reading this, and you are even remotely interested in breaking out of the satanic merry-go-round that characterises the lives and marriages of many Christians today...

OR you want to TAKE BACK what the enemy stole from you (marriage, health, finances, joy, love, respect)...

... and ALL your stolen goods from the satanic warehouses in the spirit...

THEN I humbly suggest you take a step of faith and sign up for the next MARRIAGE RESTORATION program while it's still in front of you NOW.

Do not put it off for later.

Because the more you delay, the longer it will take to taste the love and honey of your marriage once again.

Here's how to begin...


"Yes, I Want To  Secure My Seat For Prayer Academy


Thank you for allowing me in your inbox so far.

     Be An Overcomer ! 

    Midnight Prayer Coach

PS: After reading this letter I'll ask you to do whatever you feel inspired to do. I believe I have done my part -- by letting you know that you can still recover your marriage from the grip of marriage destroyers -- and put the devil to shame. 


"Yes, I Want To  Secure My Seat For Prayer Academy 
- GOLD EDITION Right Now>>"


What I'm asking you to invest in your spiritual life -- take the step of faith and purchase  spiritual textbooks that you need in order to benefit MAXIMALLY from the training program.

 -- we do NOT sell prayers.
-- we do NOT ask for donations, tithes and offerings.
-- we do NOT put pressure on you to donate money.


After purchasing your reading materials, we will never ask you to send us any money for anything.

Let me put that another way:

(We do NOT ask for donations of any kind to pray for anybody - so if anyone is asking you to send donations, tithes or offerings, YOU MIGHT HAVE GONE TO THE WRONG PRAYER ACADEMY - PLEASE BE CAREFUL!)


Why Do You Have to
Purchase the Books to Join?

Last couple of years we had so much problems with many people not able to access their lessons in time because of the cheap computer software we were using at the time.

So we stopped using that system last year and instead INVESTED thousands of dollars to move the lessons to a new, friendly system... very easy to access.

This system is one of the best … easy-to-use, with fast and friendly user experience, PLUS great support through LiveChat with our prayer advisors on the site.

But there is only ONE little problem.

Each time we send out an email (be it lesson or prayers) we have to pay fees and charges (in US dollars), based on the volume of these emails.

During this program, we’ll be sending close to 10 emails with lessons, prayer tips and coaching advice to each person. The charges add up very quickly when you include things like technical support and the rest.

And since we run our websites from the proceeds we get from the book sales, we have no option but to charge a small fee to help defray the cost of running this program on this new system.

Thousands of our past students agree (and you can see their breakout testimonies on our blog and even on

Praise the LORD.


"Yes, I Want To  Secure My Seat For Prayer Academy -
And TAKE BACK My Marriage Like Other Believers
Right Now>>"













Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever... Heb. 13:8

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