How to release the power of prayer to meet your daily needs

Look at this prayer:

“Covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the places where they have rejected me, cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus’ name.

It is a furious prayer.

Against all forms of rejection.

It has birthed so many testimonies we stopped counting.

–  New jobs.

–  Many weddings.

–  Happy marriages.

–  Rapid promotion at work.

About this one prayer Bongiwe says:

“When 2018 ended I prayed the prayer of closing the gates of 2018 and opening the gates of 2019; one prayer bullet I always prayed was this ‘Covenant keeping God of Abraham’ prayer.

This prayer came through for me; God answered and I was blessed with a job that paid me 3 times what I used to be paid and I also managed to buy a car. To God be the glory.”

Now take a look at this next one…

It is a debt-free prayer:

“I refuse to pay my tithes to Pharaoh; owners of evil load of debt, carry your load and die in the name of Jesus.”


That’s the prayer I gave to one new visitor to our websites last year.

Because she was swimming in debt.

Her case was so bad …

She claimed that if you look up the word “debtor” in the dictionary you’re most likely to find her name there!

The instruction was for her to pray ONLY that one prayer for an hour each night.

There was something else she had to do.

(As explained in the Debt-Free Manual inside The Archive).

Days later, she woke up to the sound of her phone ringing.

It was the creditor calling.

This time to announce her debt had been cancelled.

100 percent. Just like that.

Why do some people pray and receive answers?

While others pray …

… and NOTHING happens?

Visitor A laments:

“I am 33 years old never married, no children and flooding in over $300,000 student loan and credit card debt.

I have since graduated Dental School as a dentist in 2013 but cannot help but feel non achievement and that I have wasted my life with school because the other areas of my life are not in order.”

Same day Visitor B wrote:

“You taught me to construct prayer points from Bible verses. Praying Bible based prayers does work. My debt with a financial institution of $35000 has been cleared as we speak by divine helpers raised by the Lord.”


If you feel hurt, disappointed, rejected, discouraged, lonely, mistreated, embarrassed and unappreciated…


God wants to answer your prayers.

He wants you to NOT give up but to claim His wonderful promises through prayer.

You should expect answers to your prayers.

Every believer in Jesus Christ can release the power of prayer to meet their daily challenges.

Like this:

“There was a shift in the spirit”

“I thank God Almighty for what he is using his servant to do in these last days. I was unmarried even at the age of 37 years.

In confusion I didn’t know what to do with my life, until someone introduced me to ELISHA GOODMAN’S book (Prayer Cookbook for Busy People) which I used and there was a shifting in the spirit realm and my lovely wife came through after a few months.

Please believe in the God of Elisha Goodman. He is the God of signs and wonders. To God be all the glory.” – Chidiebere, U.K.


As strange as it may sound…

… a lot of believers have been conditioned to expect no answers to their prayers.

They have been taught to simply go through the motions.

Well, if you dare to believe that the God of the Bible wants to answer your prayers, you may continue reading.

When it comes to prayer, what many people worry about is something laughably simple:

They worry:

Will God answer my prayers?
When will the answer come?

Many years ago, I worried about the same things:

Will God answer my prayers, I wondered.

If I did not receive an immediate answer I thought there was something wrong with me.

Or even God!

The major issue about prayer
isn’t what you think it is

I used to get very depressed.

Then one day, the LORD showed me that I shouldn’t get depressed…

… because the important thing is to try again.

He said I should pick myself up, dust myself up … and try again.


For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. – Prov. 24:16

He wanted me to get up and try again.

The good news is that …

There is  daily PROOF that God still answer prayers.

Confessions Of An Ex-God Hater

“You won’t know how much your ministry is changing lives to the glory of God… I was beyond redemption. I never thought my walk with God would one day be this intimate.

All because of you,  Elisha u have taught me things that I have never heard being taught in church…I was a serial fornicator. I was an adulterer. I was a hater of God because of my ways and thoughts but your emails redeemed me from the jaws of death to life…. 

I started reading them and praying asking God for forgiveness. I did 27 Minutes to Midnight and the Esther Fast. On my 2nd day of the Esther Fast I got a prominent job.

I continued the fast and I am praying everyday at the midnight gate firing the prayer bullets prayer eagle style and I can gladly say I am now a prayer eagle who is living in holiness something I couldn’t do…

Everyday I am recording miracles upon miracles in every area of my life. I thank u for obeying the great calling that is upon your ministry because many churches do not warn people from sexual sins. You are indeed a minister tried and tested by fire.”  – Sister PK  


When we send out our daily prayer bullets…

… our subscribers receive answers to their prayers (if they are willing to follow simple, biblical instructions).

Sometimes within days…

Sometimes after a few weeks or months.

But it is very unusual for believers NOT to receive answers when they pray as directed by the Holy Spirit.

The LORD delights in answering the prayers of His people.

As a child of God you need to enter boldly into His presence.

The scripture tells us:

Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus – Heb. 10:19

You need to enter into the presence of God with divine boldness.

Sing bold praises.

Pray bold prayers.

Here’s an example of boldness in prayer:

 All Honour And Glory To Jesus

            “Today in the morning, I received a call from my friend in the office that I am going to be laid off when I come to shift at 3pm.  I just laughed and asked her not to worry.  No situation is bigger than God.

I looked at Lesson 6 the testimony of Vatiswa, I fired the prayer bullet she used for her case to be dismissed together with prayer bullets in Lesson 7 of the Prayer Academy.

  1. O Lord, you are the judge of all the earth; let your righteous judgement overturn every satanic judgement against my life in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every satanic audience asking for my downfall, receive the fire of God and be scattered in Jesus’ name.
  3. Every evil vehicle conveying my enemies to their place of meeting, catch fire and burn to burn ashes in Jesus’ name.I was so calm and my friend was worried about me and the whole situation, she kept calling and calling to check on me.  I told her my God is in control.

            Within a period of less than 30 minutes she called me back and said that is no longer happening because I finished my probation June 14th and they thought they would take advantage of that.

All that I did when I heard that was shout thank you Lord. Brother Elisha thank you for the teaching me how to pray.”

– Lentle B, Botswana


See what I mean?

You have to be very bold in your prayers.

It does not matter what it is you’re believing the LORD for (so long as it is biblical).
There is a prayer to pray … for answers to come quickly…

Here’s a few from our monthly 7 Furious Prayers series for you.

  1. O Lord, forgive me where I have rebelled against your Spirit in Jesus’ name.
  2. Any of my blessings that has been satanically transferred to another, be restored to me now in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every dragon of debt, vomit my money and swallow yourself in the name of Jesus.
  4. Holy Ghost, fill me with your fire of revival in Jesus’ name.
  5. O LORD let the riches of the heathens be transferred to me in the name of Jesus Christ.
  6. Every satanic bank where my finances have been diverted to in the spirit realm, be destroyed by the earthquake of the Lord in Jesus’ name.
  7. Power to rise above poverty and reproach, come upon me now in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you for reading and (hopefully) using some of the prayer tips here.

Be An Overcomer


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