Instead of sending prayer requests everywhere please do this

The answer to your prayer is within your reach. Here’s how to receive it today

It is possible to receive answers to your prayers…

If you follow this simple rule.

We call it the 1-prayer-rule.

Before we show you how it works, here’s an example of one of thousands of believers following this simple biblical rule.


“Land, house and car”


When I first joined the prayers in 2013, my life was like hell on earth. I did not like going home from work because in the house there was no peace.

I quarreled with my husband over everything, he cheated on me everyday and would not want me to ask him about it, in fact whenever I did he would say he wants to commit suicide. All those I tried talking to would not help me either but make things even more difficult for me.

A friend of mine shared the prayer cookbook with me and I immediately went to the email address I saw inside and enrolled for PA. When I did, I gave God 3 needs, not necessarily the most needful at the time, but just to try and see if what was said there was true.

I said to Him that if this works for real, then I want land I can call my own, a permanent house and a car. I did have in mind that even if I could work for twenty years where I was I could not afford all these!

But before I came to lesson five, I had land, a car and my house was under construction,! Praise the Lord! The contractor worked like he was being chased. In three months, my four bedroomed house was ready with new furniture of high standard in every room!

God gave me so much more than what I had asked for.

I did not believe my eyes, I started thinking otherwise, ” Should I enter that house or is it funded by illuminati?” But I got the confidence from the fact that whenever I visited the place there was so much peace that I did not want to leave again.

By the time I was finishing, my marriage was peaceful too even though I did not include that on my list. Those who visited my home testified that they could feel the presence of God.

What else would I need for me to know that God answers prayer? I now encourage all to seek the face of God over anything and everything.

I encourage you who is reading this to trust God for whatever it is that you need and He will grant it.

– Catherine A, Kenya

If you feel hurt, disappointed, rejected, discouraged, lonely, mistreated, embarrassed and unappreciated… instead of sending your prayer request everywhere.

There is a prayer to pray …
for answers to come quickly…

To receive answers like the ones you see here, there are 2 options to consider.


*** OPTION #1 ***

Look around your community for a Spirit-filled Christian ministry that places much emphasis on both prayer and the Word of God (not one or the other …

… the two must be tightly coupled).

Hint: You may really have to put on the uniform of a spiritual “detective” here, because, sadly, many places do NOT have much interest in prayer.

One of the ways you can recognize a genuine, prayer-powered ministry is that they do not joke with or tolerate sin, among other things.

PLUS, their teachings are scriptural, not based on myths and fables.


*** OPTION #2:

(My Personal Favorite)

Join our online prayer Forum if you can here or HERE

But if you are not yet ready to receive answers to your prayers immediately then here’s an alternative…

Yes, you can do this too…


Once you can confirm that you are a child of God…


… then you should know that all the resources of Heaven are already committed to seeing you through to victory in every area of your life.


We have created a Christian bookstore with affordable prayer books that you can use to pray and receive answers in any area of your life.


Here’s the link to a few of our most popular titles:

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Go here for the 3 Best Days to Pray (and Receive Answers)

Other titles – on dreams, healing, deliverance, etc.

Thank you for visiting.

Hopefully you will use some of the prayer tips here.

Instead of sending your prayer request everywhere.

May the LORD answer you when you call.

Be An Overcomer


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