Midnight prayer “bullets” – featuring biblical prayers that are short, fast and powerful – like bullets

What is a prayer bullet? Why does it work especially well in releasing answers to prayer at the midnight hour?

The midnight hour is a time of intense spiritual warfare …

… where victory is won by believers who understand the mystery of waking up to pray at that time.

Before I show you the biblical basis for this kind of prayer, here’s a real life experience by one of our subscribers who later on embraced this kind of prayer.

“Midnight prayer testimony from the dark world”

“I wrote to you 3 days ago about how I prayed and drove out the spirit of bronchitis from my daughter in the name of Jesus.

I am reading the Passion Prayer of Jesus Christ ebook and I am on Principle #3 (on midnight prayer).

I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to testify on what happens in the spiritual world at the midnight hour.


Before I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Saviour, I was led into a spiritual dark world of consulting witch doctors by my relatives. I was filled my demons ranging from anxiety, anger and even the Jezebel spirit among others.

I went to this witch doctor who told me that we needed to perform a certain ritual and it involved receiving 2 ‘’tattoos’’ (for lack of a better word) in the middle of my head at the midnight hour.

This was meant to avenge the curse that my father had put on me when my only sibling had died as a result of Aids at the age of 19 and my dad blamed me for her death.

During the time that I was under my father’s curse, my life was in complete ruins, I never stayed at a job for more than 4 months, I could never do anything with my life.

My relationships were terrible to say the least. I slept with a total of 50 men until on 7 October 2011when I gave my life to Jesus and chose to live a life of sexual purity until such a time when, if it is His will, God will bless me with a husband.

My testimony is really long but I want to cut it to just confirming what happens at the midnight hour. As I said, this witchdoctor, wanted to do the tattoos and mix my blood with his ‘’medicines’’ at exactly midnight in order for me to destroy my father and his curse effectively.

(Which was a lie from the pit of hell, of course).

You will be hearing a lot more from me, but right now I just want to tell anyone out there who thinks it is strange that Elisha encourages us to pray at the midnight hour. The spiritual world is real and as Christians, we must arm ourselves with the weapon of prayer.”

– Susan C, South Africa


Many heroes of the faith prayed at the midnight hour.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ prayed at the midnight hour (and encouraged His disciples to do so).

David prayed at the midnight hour.

Apostle Paul prayed at the midnight hour and an earthquake of deliverance was the result – Acts 16:25

This is explained in detail in our prayer manuals.

One of them, Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ is free to download here.

(See below on how to access the rest).

And what really is a “prayer bullet?”

It is a verse of scripture, usually taken right out of the Bible…

Converted into short, sharp, furious-sounding prayers that you can pray over and over again.

In the realm of the spirit, it sounds like a bullet released from a shotgun.

And it works really fast – to release answers to prayers – whether in the area of marriages, health, finances, or whatever.

Here’s an example of a prayer bullet.

It is the prayer against rejection which goes like this:


‘Covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in the places where they have rejected me, cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus’ name.’


This one has brought so many testimonies we stopped counting.

– New jobs.

– Many weddings.

– Happy marriages.

– Rapid promotion at work.

– And much, much more.

Yes, you can do this too…


Once you can confirm that you are a child of God…


… then you should know that all the resources of Heaven are already committed to seeing you through to victory in every area of your life.


We have created a Christian bookstore with affordable prayer books loaded with hundreds of midnight prayer bullets that you can use to pray and receive answers in any area of your life.


Here’s the link to a few of our most popular titles:

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Other titles – on dreams, healing, deliverance, etc.

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May the LORD answer you when you call.

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