How to Access the
New 24-Hour Blog

These are simple instructions.
 Please spare 10 minutes and follow these simple steps in order to gain access.

24-Hour Blog Member, 

Calvary greeting ...

Thank you for your godly patience while your account was being set up.

We have made it very easy for you to login provided you follow the simple instructions below. The fact that you received this email means your account has been set up.

It is VERY important that you settle down. READ and understand what you have to do here.

That is because if you fail to get it ... and start sending emails to me ... there is no guarantee that I will even see the email, as my inbox is overflowing with over 206,122 emails waiting for me to open them.

What that means is that your email would likely get buried under thousands of other emails waiting to be opened ... and I might not even see it for months.

That is the reality at this time. Please bear with me. It is NOT that your emails are being ignored. It is impossible to get to them all.

But if you follow these instructions, you will avoid having to wait and wait and wait...


NOTE: YOU only have to go through these steps ONCE. After that all you have to do is
             go to ; click on [Member Login] and type in your
             Username and Password. That's all.

Here are the steps to log in the VERY first time
(Remember you will NOT have to do this again).



Step 1:   Click on the link:

Step 2:    Click on [Forgot password?] 

At this point you will be taken to a new screen.

 Step 3:   Just type in your email address (the one you sent to us for setting up
                your 24-hour-blog account).

Step 4:   An email with a new temporary password will be sent to that email
               address.  Go to your email inbox now and open the email from elisha
               with the subject line:

                            Your Membership Details

              You will find your: Username, and a temporary Password.


NOTE: Please write down the username that the system has assigned to you EXACTLY as it appears. This username cannot be changed. It is permanent. Notice that it is derived from your full email address BUT without any . or -  (If you see something that looks like a dash it is really the underscore _ )


 Step 5:   Again go and click on:

              Type in your USERNAME,
              Paste the PASSWORD you just copied from your email inbox.

               Then click on LOGIN 

Step 6:   You are almost there ….

               Look at the top of this site  You will see the words

                Member Forums

             Just under the site logo:
Internet’s #1 Prayer Coaching Site.

                Click on:  MEMBERS FORUM

               Click on:   New 24-Hour Blog







You must click on:      READ ME FIRST

To read the instructions governing this Forum/Blog


NOTE: Make sure you thoroughly understand the 3 rules here.
             They are simple and will be strictly enforced.

 Then you can start posting. You are free to go to any of the sections to post.

 The sections are

    1.      READ ME FIRST






Where to Find Golden Journey Level 2 ??


It will be posted here in a few days:

 Just click on it to see what's on the page.

OK, you can start by clicking on:

Note: Once you successfully log in the first time, you can change this complex password to something that you will easily remember by clicking Member Login, then Edit Profile

See you on the inside...

Be An Overcomer! 

Elisha Goodman
818 Newport Crescent
Windsor, ON N9E 4Z5


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