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To join the Prayer Academy, you will need to purchase the prayer e-books as shown in the links below. The e-books are packaged at a discounted price and are classified into THREE categories.


(1) Basic Tool Kit:  USD 79

(2) Complete 9-Piece Kit: USD 107

(3) Premium 10-Piece Kit: USD 147


Any of the packages will qualify you to join the Prayer Academy, which consists of 13 weeks of intensive prayer coaching that brings results. You will receive one module or lesson per week from the start of the program on the 25th..

The difference between the 3 kits is that the Basic Tool Kit has fewer prayer books than the Complete Breakthrough Kit while the Premium Kit is the ultimate including Rainmaker’s 2-in-1 Prayer Manual.  I would encourage you to get, at least, the Complete Breakthrough Kit, if you are able to do so.


There is a new Prayer Academy session
starting every 25
th day of the month. 



To ensure that you will be included in this month's Prayer Academy sessions, please purchase the e-book package of your choice on or before the 21st of the month if you are paying by credit card or PayPal.


Here is the LINK to purchase the e-books
(for Credit Card & PayPal users):



If you do NOT have a credit card or your credit card is rejected, you can use

(a)  Bank Transfer


The details you need to make a bank transfer are on the page below
(simply click on the link):


Please be sure that after your make your transfer, that you send us an email IMMEDIATELY to:
(please do NOT send to any other email address)

Your email MUST have the subject line: TT SENT (that is tt, not i)

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT -- without the words "TT SENT"

in the subject line, your email will get buried among

thousands of emails that come into our inbox daily.

And we will NOT be able to see it in time to process your order.



You will not be able to join this month's program!

To send a bank transfer, please click below for details:


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