Powerful morning prayers that receive answers

The power of prayer

In the Bible, David was a man who understood how and when to pray.

He would pray in the morning, noon, and evening.

He would even be up at midnight praying and singing praises to the LORD
– Ps. 119:62

At such times prayers should be targeted.

That means the prayers must be very specific.

Here’s a brand-new example from our Prayer Forum.

2 powerful morning prayers to draw customers like a magnet (for those in business)

That means the prayers must be very specific.

Two of the toughest challenges facing those who have something to sell is…

Getting customers into the store and having them buy at prices that include enough profit to grow the business.

One eagle on this site has figured out a way to do both quite easily…

…Using nothing but 2 well-targeted prayer bullets.

Before I show you how she does it, let me remind you that even if you’re working for some company now, you should pray about going into business for yourself.

Because there is nothing like job security anymore.

Plus … the 21st century future belongs to ENTREPRENEURS

… those who are ready to create new wealth!

And that path is in the future of so many,

That might include YOU.

Now to Olivia and her 2 sales-boosting prayer bullets:

“My morning prayers to boost sales”

“Dear eagles,I have a shop selling kitchenware.

This is what I do to boost sales. I wake up at 3 a.m and say this prayer bullet for one hour:

‘Holy Spirit activate divine advertisement for my goods in Jesus name.’

The results?

With this bullet I sell all the stock that has been in my store for so long. I make huge profits.

I get customers who buy at the prices I tell them. They don’t negotiate!

In the morning as I open my shop, I start this bullet:

‘Let the spirit of resurrection breathe life into my business in Jesus name.’

The result?

I pray that as I make the displays in my shop,as i clean,and any minute i spend without attending to customers i say out the bullet.

I make huge sales!

Try it and see for yourself… glory be to God.”

– Olivia, Uganda


Praise the LORD.

Now, she shared this golden nugget in the prayer forum.

(You should consider joining our “prayer riot” this year – so many believers are sharing testimonies of answered prayers almost daily.

Now where did Olivia learn to pray like that?

This is MACHINE GUN style of praying (something described in my free ebook, Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ).

I checked our records.

She is a long-time Prayer Academy graduate.

Those 2 prayers are actually embedded in the Prayer Academy lessons.

That’s where she learned the secret of praying to release buying customers into her business.

A very special skill everyone in business should cultivate.

This is what I meant the other day when I wrote that you have a God-given ability to turn supernatural supply on and off, if you’re a praying Christian.

I boldly declared that this ability trumps all genetic, racial, intellectual and social advantages.

It puts YOU in a commanding position in your industry or market.

The Bible talks about the power to make wealth.

‘But you shall remember the LORD your God: for it is He that gives you power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swore unto your fathers, as it is this day.’ – Deut 8:18

It is a COVENANT power.

All believers need to cry out to the LORD for a release of that power today.

Many congratulations to all our new members in the Prayer Forum.

And a big “thank you” to all who joined the just concluded:

‘3-Day Emergency Prayers Against Spiritual Vampires”

Remember I said those who joined will sooner or later share a testimony?

It was a powerful weekend prayer battle.

The results are in … see snippet here

Thank you for reading and (hopefully) using some of the tips in our daily emails.

Be An Overcomer


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