recommends Elisha Prayer Eagles.


“My whole family is praying and giving glory to God. My marriage relationship has changed tremendously. Midnight prayer has become bread and waterin my life. The 40 prayer points to ask for anything, 25 prayer points of Thanksgiving the 17 Miracle prayer points and the 7 Furious monthly prayers has given me favor at my place of work and financial breakthrough.I have a beautiful new home (debt free).”


recommends Elisha Prayer Eagles.


“I would like to testify of this God who is mightily using elisha. Last year I was in serious debts and after taking the 101 debt-free prayer points, I was surprised that after owing debts amounting to 4 times my salary, that all had been paid up. I ended the year as a lender not a borrower. Am glad that 2018, I became debt free.”

If You Have Been Praying Without Receiving Any Answers, There Is A Strong Reason Why...

Before you receive the Prayer Blueprint,   I need your advice ...

There are thousands of prayers on this website. Each prayer is targeted at different situations. In order NOT to overwhelm you with too much information, it would be helpful if you'll identify the MAJOR challenge that is keeping you awake at night. That way you will receive the prayers most relevant to your needs... without delay.

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