Prayer for Financial

Something massive is about to come forth.

As we approach the time of financial perks that are unusual.

God’s plan is to return wealth to His people.

With a single reason.

Before we get into it…

Let’s look at the first indicators we’re seeing in the present.


Unexpected Financial Release

“I am willing to testify to God’s glory.” God and the shame of the devil.

On Thursday, I was faced with rent arrears along with school fees, an unpaid bill facing me and I had no money. Every situation was accompanied by each threat. For example, my son would not be able to go to school after the break if I did not pay his fee in full.

I was crying at God on Thursday. I also was able to have a heart-to-heart with him. He said and let us discuss your concerns to present your case and I did this. It was a very intense meeting. Then, I decided not to be upset or stressed out the things do not go my way.

On Friday morning while I was doing my daily business, I received an unexpected message from my bank. The final benefits of my former employer of around USD 6000 had been transferred onto my checking account. I was literally in a bind with no idea of how I would escape or where I could receive help, but God! God came through in time. When I arrived at the car, all I could think about was sing praise to Him.

There were delays in the processing of these benefits from the beginning The signatories were not able to be located, but as you’ve seen. However, i continued to pray for the Resurrection power could be able to overshadow my payment processing and that the Holy Ghost might be present in it along with the pre-prayer prayers.

This was an unanticipated miracle that happened at the perfect moment. Expected and unexpected miracles continue to be a part of our lives by the name of Jesus! I’m still amazed. Thank you God! God of all sudden events who is able to make impossible possibilities possible!”

– Prayer Warrior J, Forum X

“$19,000 Debt Forgiven: I’m Still in Shock”

“Please join me to offer praise and gratitude to God. God does good. While listening to Testigram’s testimonies I was reading other Eagles testimonies on how they were able to pay off their debts and I was able to claim that same thing for myself.

Also, I have been firing this prayer bullet on the manuals’ bonus pages that continue to be updated 27.

Father, help me have the riches of darkness and the hidden treasures in hidden places, in the name of Jesus.

Today, I checked my work email and found out that a $19000.00 obligation I owe was 100 percent cleared. This could be only God. I checked the email several times to ensure that I was understanding the content.

I am in shock. It happened so quickly. Thank you Lord for responding to my prayers at the speed of lightning. Lord, take all the glory and glory.

Matt 7:7. Thank Lord for answering our prayers. Lord for responding to our prayers whenever we pray. Thank Jesus for answering our prayers. Jesus I seal this witness by Jesus’ blood. Jesus. Eagles, let’s bravely walk up to the throne of grace and request. He’s faithful.”

– Ama T, Forum X

“My Student Loan of $145,000.00 Was Completely Forgiven”

“In the Forum I’m known under the name of Bluebird. 2022 was an incredible year and I’m hoping that God will continue to work miracles to come into existence. I praise GOD each day for both the blessings and the numerous obstacles that I face within my own life. The most important praise is for God’s favor that allowed me to be chosen as a beneficiary under the Biden’s student loan program that allows for debt, which was wiped out to zero.

Initially, I was denied and told I was not eligible to receive the forgiveness Loan. On the 27th of April, my student loan of $145,000.00 was fully forgiven. A loan I thought I’d never have the money to pay back, and I knew how what I was leaving this world with was no longer hanging over my head.

Prayer can be effective, but staying consistent and being Faithful is the thing that the LORD is asking of us. I’ve learned to become an OUTRAGEOUS PRAYER. There are certain things only GOD can accomplish, and only GOD knows.

I’ve come to terms with my limitations over time and there are some things that are just too excessive, and I’ve learned to LET go of the issue and place it in God’s hands. It’s not my intention to pick it up once more. I fulfill my obligation and pay my monthly debt as well as pay my tithes and offerings even when my budget was not enough.

As well as believing that all things are temporary. In the end, I will keep my faith even when I didn’t notice any changes.

Two times a day I’d be praying:

“Oh covenant keeping God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in places where they have rejected me cause them to call me back and fall over themselves to help me in Jesus name.”

“O LORD, you are the one who judges every inch of the globe. Let your righteousness overturn every judgment of Satanic sin against me through the names Jesus Christ. Jesus.”

Thank you, LORD, for your grace and mercy.” — Bluebird, Forum X

“Never in my life have I heard such a thing”

“I am crying while I write this. I’m not really sure how to express myself or do. I just received a note within a couple of minutes from the Bank and they’ve refunded all money I owed for the loan that I paid off as they charged me too much.

I read the same thing repeatedly and believed it was a mistake . When I phoned the bank. The person who assisted me said that I’ve been charged too much. I have never I ever heard of this kind of thing. Now, in tears, I am thanking Jesus for taking charge of my financial affairs. This is too much for me. It’s a amazing miracle indeed. God is amazing!” – Eagle Violetta

“Our God is Trustworthy”

“I feel humbled at the goodness of God. I prayed at night using the prayer points that you gave to us. I prayed with sincerity and believed that God would act on my behalf. me.

The week before, I asked God to provide me with financial blessings because I was running out of money. I asked God to bless me for two days by intermittent fasting, and then broke it at night. When I was praying the third day, I recalled one of your lessons in which you advised us to be clear about the things we would like God to give us.

Then I changed my prayer , and I sought God to grant me R30,000.00 and I humbled myself before God. A few days later, I got a phone message coming from South African Revenue Services and my R23,000.00 is coming my way. I cried, screamed, and yelled God’s name. We really serve a reliable God. I am truly humbled.”

– Vatiswa, South Africa


Praise the LORD.

We seal these wonderful testimony by Jesus’s blood. Jesus.

You can view more testimonies of financial releases on Testigram the application for sharing testimony here.

Did you spot the pattern?

If you pay attention, you’ll notice something.

Each of these testimonials is related to finances.

Yes Satan has actually been taking as well as “swallowing” the finances of God’s people.

They are left poor and in need.

Many have been reduced the level of beggars.

But no more.

Heaven’s wealth transfer plan is fast in our hands.

What’s that?

As I stated at the beginning on this web page…

It is God’s plan to return wealth to His people.

In order to prepare for the final explosion of the gospel all over the world.

To give historical context…

The first transfer of wealth took place within the Bible.

Let’s take a look at:

Now, speak in the presence of the people. allow every man to ask his neighbor, and every woman ask from her neighbors, articles made of silver and items of gold.” Exo 11:2.

The children of Israel were following the commandments of Moses They requested from the Egyptians items of silver and gold items, and even clothing. Also, the Lord had granted the people favor with regard to the Egyptians and they could grant them the items they asked for. So they robbed the Egyptians. – Exo 12:35-36


For more than 400 years kids from Israel have offered their labor to Pharaoh in exchange for a free service.

Then , the day of restoration arrived.

Payback time.

Do you know the very first step they made with their newly-found money?

We see it in the way they set out on their journey to The Promised Land.

And Moses spoke to the whole people of Israel in a speech, saying “This is what the Lord instructed and said”Take from you your offerings and offer them for the Lord. Anyone who has a hearty to give it, let him offer the offering to God with silver, gold and bronze.

purple, blue and scarlet threads fine linen, goat’s hair dyed red ram skins badger skins, badger skins, as well as Acacia wood; oil to provide the lightand the spices to make anointing oils and the sweet incense; onyx stone and stones to be placed in the ephod as well as in the breastplate. – Exo 35:4-9

This appeal was so overwhelming, the man of God had to quickly stop the people from making a donation!

the People gave More Than Enough!

Then Moses invited Bezalel and Aholiab as well as every skilled craftsman in whose heart the Lord had placed the wisdom of God, and everyone whose heart was agitated, to come and task. And they were given by Moses all the offerings that Israel’s children Israel had made to help in the making of the sanctuary.

They continued to bring him daily freewill offerings. Then the artisans who were engaged in the work in the sanctuary walked out each day working, and they left the task they were working on, then they addressed to Moses and said, “The people bring much more than enough for the service of the work which the Lord commanded us to do.”

Then Moses issued a decree, and they made it be announced across the camp saying “Let neither man nor woman do any more work for the offering of the sanctuary.”

The people were also prohibited from bringing anything, since the materials they had were sufficient for all the work that needed to be accomplished, in fact more than they needed. – Exo 36:2-7

Financial Deliverance:

Restoring the Wealth to The Rightful Owner

Look around you.

For a long time the enemy has snatched away all the riches of children of God and transferred it to his followers of evil physically and spiritually.

It’s the reason you must pray like this one with holy vigor:

I am able to recover all my money taken from me spiritually or physically by the grace of Jesus.

The contemporary version of what transpired in Egypt is coming soon.

It’s likely be sooner than we think or imagine.

This is why it’s incredibly vital to make sure you are in the right position using what’s called “positioning prayers” so you don’t miss the blessings of money that are scheduled to occur in the world.

What is positioning prayer?

Here’s an excellent illustration.

Close your eyes.

Put an arm on top of your chest, and say this:

(Insert your name (Insert your name here) You must be sure to stay true to the mission of God to guide your life, in Christ Jesus.

Here’s an alternative to the identical prayer:

I will not be manipulated away from my divine assignment in the name of Jesus.


We are facing a relentless and wickedly clever adversary within the world of spirit.

The enemy is aware of the significance to divinely appointed times.

Therefore, the devil attempts to move people away from their divinely-appointed spot of blessings.

His agents are sent to convince people to leave their blessings.

He is the one who sends a bad wind to knock others off the path.

The goal is to stop them from being in exactly the right moment.

There’s a whole set of prayers and lessons on this topic that is not widely known.

For instance,:

  • Progeny prayers
  • Positioning prayers
  • Proclamations (or special announcement) prayers, etc.

We’ve just launched an completely new Forum that is dedicated to this kind of education.

We refer to it …

Forum X for Financial Deliverance

In the Forum prayer is beginning with a fervor in the coming week (we have been working on the pre-planning as well as bonus prayer to strengthen our spirituality and prepare us for the main day).

For those with no access to Forum X don’t fret.

You’re about to experience an ounce of the kind of prayer bullets we use those areas.

The seven prayers that are ferocious for this month were drawn from the forthcoming prayers for financial deliverance.

If you consider these seven prayers seriously, you will experience spiritual audacity and holy madness, paired to holy lifestyle and a regular studying of the Word from God…

… it is likely that the LORD is going to surprise you with unexpected financial breakthroughs prior to the time this month’s expiration.

Do not play by reciting these prayers.

Give it everything you’ve got.

Nolusindiso recently shared her experience using this kind of prayer.

I saw her text message a moment back.

She is a member of the 21-Day Forum. She is getting prepared to complete her prayer plan.

She is adamant:

“Woooooooo! Elisha I am thankful to God that He has given me this an amazing revelation regarding prayer.

In fact, it comes from His high throne.

Tomorrow, at 12 noon, I will conclude the Esther Fast.

This prayer is a blessing to our Father who is compassionate.

I’ve been shaped and shaped, moulded to be renewed, elevated, spiritually open and ready to apply these effective ways to pray in the church…

… informing others to use our prayers to kill and eliminate the enemies. Don’t waste time praying in the wrong direction today. — Nolusindiso M, South Africa


Are you interested in giving this a shot?


Let’s join in this month’s prayer:


Start with worship and praise.

Scripture Ingredients:

#1: You shall keep in mind that the LORD your God because it is He who grants you the power to gain riches, so that He can make His covenant that He made with your fathers in the same manner as it is to this day. Deut 8:18

#2: A wise man will leave an inheritance for his child’s children. but the wealth of sinners is accumulated to be used by the righteous. Prov 13:22

1 From the west, east north, south and east financial favor , I will be found by burning in the name Jesus.

  1. Anytime I’ve failed to fulfill the goal of God to me I am granted the grace to return to it, in Jesus’ name. Jesus.

3 I utter a word of destruction to the emptyers and wasteers who have been who are destined to take my blessings and swallow them by the names of Jesus.

4 My financesare burning hot coals that the enemy will not eat under the name Jesus.

5 Every power that drinks the milk, blood, and honey from my life, I will receive divine judgment Die by fire to honor the name Jesus.

6 I am adamant against shame and shame; O LORD , cover me with Your glory of shining light In Jesus name.

7 O God of my Lord Hear the heavens open to me, and let it shower abundance on my daily life, in the name Jesus.


Has the LORD done anything for you this year?

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