Prayer For Success

The most important request …

…to endure and be successful against the odds?

You’ll be able to see it within a minute.

However, before that…

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and the rest of grams in this universe!”

“Glory the Lord for awakening us up each day. I am thankful to have eyes that be able to read and see such wonderful testimonials and be lifted up in my soul in this manner.

“I would rather be reading testimonials, Word of the Day readings throughout the day rather than spend my time in other social media sites that create only depression and pressure.

Lord, we are grateful to You for bringing this platform.” Elimiyo

“I had never felt so happy.”

in my marriage of 16 years”

“It’s the first time I’ve been that I’ve responded to your emails. This is a proof that because of the Prayer Cookbook you have provided my marriage is in an excellent shape. I’ve never felt so satisfied in my 16 years of marriage. I am grateful to God for prayers like these that really helped me to get through my difficulties.” — Khosy

“Healed of Cancer, HIV”

“Praise God the Living God our Father, the creator of earth and heaven, for whom all things were created. The year before, I was experiencing frequent infections. I saw an obstetrician who told me that i had symptoms of cervical cancer as well as HIV.

I made a decision at that point that I would take the words of God rather than doctors’ reports. I did. I fasted during my participation in the Sapphire program 2022, and I prayed Mike’s prayer for examination.

to let go of my doubts and am now completely free of any infection and HIV to be in Jesus name.

1. Peter 2:24 – I was already healed on the cross, when Jesus declared it to be completed. I live my life in peace in my mind, knowing I know that Gods word is the truth and I am instructing others on how to be positioned to benefit from God’s abundant grace. Hallelujah. My boundaries have been redrawn for me in pleasant areas. Thank you for all the soldiers.” FavoredG

“God brought me my spouse”

“I joined you in the beginning of this year, and was praying for my God-fearing spouse and I truly believe that God has been faithful. For those who are waiting for the same to hang on to Him, and at His own time He will show up.

He sent me the man I had ever dreamed of. It was a surprise to see all the characteristics I wrote about in my notebook were realized. We are blessed by a powerful God. All praise be to Him alone. – Elizabeth.

“Land, house and car”

“When I joined The Prayer Academy in 2013, my life was hell. I was not a fan of returning home from work, because inside the house, there was no peace.

I had a fight with my husband over everything. He was cheating on me daily and did not allow me to inquire with for his confession. Actually, whenever I asked him about it I asked him about it, he would tell me he wanted take his own life. Everyone I tried to talk to did not assist me, but they made it worse for me.

My friend had shared with me the Prayer Cookbook with me and I immediately visited the email address I found within and signed up in PA. After registering I offered God three needs, which were not necessarily the greatest needs at the time, but to test whether what was written there was actually true.

I told Him If this is true for me I would like land that I can claim as mine, as well as a house that I can call my own and an automobile. I made this decision with in the mind that, even I were to do twenty years of work at the place I was, I could not afford everything!

Before I even got to the fifth lesson I had land, a car , and my house was being built! Praise the Lord! The contractor worked as if that he was being pursued. Within three months my house with four bedrooms was

furnished with modern furniture that is of the highest quality for every room! God provided me with far more than I wanted.

I was astonished by my eyes. I began considering, “Should I enter that house or is it funded by illuminati?” However, I was reassured by the fact that every time I went there, I felt so relaxed that I could not bear to leave .

When I was getting my divorce papers in order my marriage, it was peaceful as well, even though I didn’t put it on my list of priorities. People who came to my home said they felt God’s presence. God.

What else will I require to know that God responds to prayer? I am now urging everyone to look for the direction of God over everything and anything.

I urge you to read this article to believe in God for whatever you require and He will give it to you.” Catherine Catherine

“Landed my dream job”

I’ve been unable to be still for more than 18 hours or for that matter, so. This is because of excitement I am so excited! A little over 3 months ago I applied for a job I wasn’t even qualified for.

The main reason I submitted my application was that it’s always been my goal to join this prestigious business. I never thought for a second whether I would even get an interview due to the fact that the company is extremely strict in hiring candidates, as well as their competition with the other applicants.

Then I applied. did it for fun for the sake of seeing what would happen. I did not even touch up my resume, or even edit it. It was just a basic resume that was simple in layout and qualifications, for example the level of education, an High School Diploma, lots of spelling mistakes and poor grammar. After two days of submitting my resume, I made the decision to sign up for this Sapphire program (not as a result of wanting an employment opportunity).

I was just compelled to I just felt compelled to. I decided to do Mikes exam prayers, and I completed them as well as I also did the Esther Fast. Two days later, I had an interview and moved on onto the next step. I then went to the next stage. I continued to progress to subsequent stages until I finished the 5 stages of interviews as if by magic.

Nobody cared about my resume or my credentials due to the fact that God the Almighty had already vetted me for this job. I’ll say this: they didn’t care about any of my resumes or any of the mistakes I made.

It’s because God has already spoken to me on my behalf. It’s a bit crazy to even inform people that I have a job at x company. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s God. He is mysterious in his ways. He has never given me a time I imagined I’d be able to join this company (the only option was to work as an Janitor).

God’s hand Almighty was working. He was already deciding that this job was meant my own and that no man-made policies or procedures were likely to prevent the Almighty from granting me this job. I will earn twice what I’m currently earning and get double advantages from what I earn today and will be working completely remote.

With God He is able to do anything No rule, no limits, no rule is too tough for God. I’m praising His Name! The Great one! I will forever bow to his holy name!! – Mercy T

“Chains of financial bondage broken”

This is the 3rd testimony I have offered since joining prayer eagles July of 2020! The primary reason for me to join prayer eagles was due to the amount of debt I had, which was heavily demon-oriented!

In the year 2017, a local pastor gave us the idea of a Forex investment. He also suggested someone we knew to help us with it.

We trusted the pastor and the motion was made directly from the pulpit, my husband and I borrowed P500 000.00 equal to 50000 USD, and put it in.

We did not do the work ourselves, but we did give the whole amount to the person who was recommended to us by the pastor who is our resident.

The loan was paying P12 000.00(or 1200 USD) per month from my pay beginning in January 2018. The loan was to be paid off by 2024 February.

To make a long story short, the individual vanished with our cash (everybody who made an investment from the church, including the pastor) similar to the other.

I have completed all of the programs on Prayer Archive, Prayer Academy I also joined the 24 hours blog and platinum.

The testimonies started out in the 2 months after enrolling in the program!

I had completed 101 prayer points in order to become debt-free and was pressing the prayer point

“I will not give my offerings to Pharaoh You evil debtors bear the burden and you die’

I’ll pray that while holding my tithes, demonstrating.

In the early morning of the 9th November 2021, I dreamed I resolved my debt. In my dream, the debt I cleared stood at P233 000.00.

From the loan document The amount that I owed was P211 000.00.I awakeed, I in awe of God in advance and was ecstatic in the wake of the dream.

The next month, in December 2021 an ex-business associate who was hiding and hid from me for six months, I was paid P235 000.00 after Nov. Prayers for Platinum.

February 2022 , I called the bank and informed them that I would like to settle the loan. They calculated the loan again and charged me a penalty due to the fact that I had paid off the loan prior to the time frame agreed upon for loan!

The remaining balance of P211 000 was changed into P233 000.00 exactly as I imagined in my dream! I paid it off at the at the same time as I cleared the P235 000 I was from my former business partner!

Glory! I am a living witness that the prayers are effective. – Goitseone


All praise to God.

These testimonies are covered by Jesus’s blood. Jesus.

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Because your personal testimonies are being drawn to you by magnetism even while you go through this.

Onward to …

The most important prayer to be able to endure and

overcome the odds of opposition

There is an oath (or an order of prayer) which…

… It makes it appear that you are enjoying the appearance of having an “unfair” advantage over everyone other person!

It is attained by a thorough examination of Word of God, targeted prayers in addition to holy lifestyle.

Inside the Forum …

One Eagle sister who has been to ALL the events we have made public over the last five times …

… has grown to the point where the Holy Spirit is revealing the thoughts of people think when she speaks to them.

Recently, during an intimate conversation with her husband at a restaurant, her husband “accidentally” told him what she thought he was thinking.

I use the word “accidentally” because I’d warned her not to let anyone have an idea that she’d received this gift.

Naturally, the husband was completely became agitated and began calling her as a witch!

Yes her husband began screaming and called her an evil witch!

She is, however, nothing at all.

Within the Bible we read regarding our Lord Jesus Christ:

Jesus understood their thoughts Jesus knew their thoughts Matt 12:25

But Jesus was aware of what they were thinking about – Luke 6:8

Jesus was aware of their thoughts, took a tiny child and placed him alongside him. Luke 9:47

When you are able to pray specific prayers, you will be able to accomplish things like being able to comprehend your desires…

… being able to see the world with your eyes … And discovering the secrets of God will be your new normal.

When you reach that point, you’ll start to smile at your enemies since the LORD will reveal their strategies well ahead of time.

In the case of a marriage issue, for example, if something isn’t working well within your relationship, you’ll be in a position to “discern” the root cause without needing to go to”prophesies” or other such.

For example…

Tsankho K just posted to the 21-Day Forum:

“I completed my 21 days of fasting and prayer yesterday. I want to thank Elisha as well as all of the prayer guides for the time you’ve spent to show the art of praying with fire and to stay on the point.

Old strongholds are breaking down while God’s chosen people are released from all oppression.

God has revealed details to me as well as my brothers in dreams.

The prayers that are targeted are powerful and have been able to do wonders. I believe in God to be faithful in many ways, and I am sure they will happen and I’ll be able to witness to it.

Already, I’ve received financial assistance from my brother in the United States I am in awe! I am in awe. God is incredible. I’m going to be joining in the Prayer Academy soon.”


In just 21 days, she’s already receiving a lot of revelations.

This is only an initial step towards her breakthroughs.

How can you discover details about things

all around you (through prayers)

Do not put yourself in danger by putting yourself in danger or risk or at a disadvantage.

Today, I’ll be encouraging you to pray these kinds that you would like to pray …

… which reveals the secrets of yourself, your friends and other things that are connected to you.

Because …

The less you are aware of YOURSELF or about people and the world that surround your (spiritually) you are the less in a position of disadvantage.

There are times when you may not be happy with the things you learn (in an empathetic way) about family, friends or even “enemies”

The information that you learn can help you prevent terrible things before they occur.

There are some things you only can receive through revelation from God’s Spirit from God in prayer.

Pay attention to HM posting on this forum: Prayer Academy Forum:

“I have witnessed the work of God since I began with the Prayer Academy. My husband was involved in relations with a particular lady , and the whole thing was disclosed by God in a manner that I cannot determine. The first time he became angry, he was

However, he later confessed as well and joined in the midnight prayers. Almighty God.”


Ha ha…

Then He said Jesus to him: Unless you see miracles and signs, you won’t trust in God. – John 4:48

Prayers can uncover hidden secrets.

You better believe it.

This is an illustration:

“O LORD show me the secrets of my life in Jesus name.”

The simple prayer, if it is prayed until the brim of its swell, can let in shocking revelations.

You must be careful when praying, but.

If you don’t have the capacity of “receive” divine revelation… you’ll will learn little or nothing about the world around you …

… And it could provide the enemy the chance for “steal, kill and destroy.”

There’s a lesson from the Prayer Academy called:

You Need Divine Revelation Now

It goes into detail about divine revelations , and how to receive them.

This issue is crucial to living a successful Christian life that we have even begun a separate Forum that is dedicated to something called:

Near Future Revelation.

It is open for one time per year. it’s an advanced Forum that teaches participants how to receive information from God about the future events at least three days prior to the time it occurs.

“The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.” Deut. 29:29

Does God is sending an ANGEL

to your door , or to your desires?

Florence from Uganda is a significant observation.

It’s valid.

She states:

“Beginning in the year of 2009, a close friend of mine recommended the book, but I did not consider it a serious book. Because I’ve seen several books that are similar but they didn’t make a difference in my life.

After a month, I finally decided to go through the book and it was awe-inspiring. This gave me some hope, and although my flesh could not hold it, my heart was strong and I was able to complete what I call the Esther Fast.

My brother’s big brother had gone away from home and , even though we were aware of where he was the experience was heartbreaking for us, as he had an alcohol dependence problem. It was been a year since he had left.

In the course of my fast, I asked God to cut off all chains and remove them Jesus’ blood. Jesus. In reality, I was not thinking of my brother during the prayer and fast.

But, on day, our family was stunned to return back from church and discover my brother was at returning home. He was back. In His grace, for the entire duration of this week, he’s been clean.

Alcoholism is not a problem. Praise be to God. I am truly grateful to God in this.”

God is a mysterious God who works in mysterious ways.

The email is sent by Florence #1.

After reading it, I stumbled across another email.

Aside from another Florence (let’s label her Florence number 2).

You ought to have read what she was saying.

She said:

“None of my requests have been fulfilled – our lives aren’t good and I’m not willing to put off these prayers anymore. They’re not working.”

Let me be honest it:

Some of our posts are actually extremely hard-core.

They might appear like or seem “strange” to you – even this one.

Pay attention.

A lot of people have ignored and even rejected their divine message of healing, deliverance and restoration, by ignoring these messages the same way as Florence #2.

If you’re facing challenges in your life, you shouldn’t be turning away from the Lord God.

This is the perfect time to get closer to Him.

Be alert in your spirit.

To ensure that you don’t lose your angel of joy.

Heb 13:2 states:

Don’t forget to show kindness to strangers it is in this manner that certain people, not knowing it have had angels in their homes as guests.

God’s angels can appear in the form of “HE,” “SHE,” and may use tools such as this particular email.

Angels disguised in DISGUISE aren’t like angels.

If you are able to take part in this month’s prayer and blessings, your angel of the Lord will be magnetically attracted to you.

I have to tell that you …

The prayers you’re about to view are derived from a special Forum that is scheduled to open in the near future.

If you have participated in this Prayer Academy in the past you should get an alert prior to the close of the week.

The prayers of that Forum are titled:

Kill-Shot Prayers for Immediate Financial Deliverance

This session was an outcome of a very painful personal experience.

While I watched it happen I was suffused of HOLY ANGER.

This is when I received these prayers to tackle this scourge that is so prevalent.

Watch at the alert for prayer coming soon.


Let’s all join this month’s prayer:

7 Furious Prayers for May 22

Scripture Ingredient:

Verily, truly I say to you that the time is near, and the moment is the day when the dead will listen to the sounds of Jesus Christ, the Jesus Christ, the Son of God and those who listen to the voice will live.John 5:25. John 5:25

1. I pray for Jesus’ blood Jesus to protect my life as well as my family in Jesus name.

2. Fire of Deliverance from the Holy Ghost is coming to my foundation Today in the name Jesus (please use this offer in 10 mins).

3. O LORD Let your divine flood of wealth reach my account by the grace of Jesus.

4. I declare destruction to any weapon that the enemy has used on my behalf in name of Jesus.

5. With thunder and fire, I take back all the things that were taken from my family line by the grace of Jesus.

6. My life, heed the word of God start walking in the divine health and abundance that is overflowing in Jesus name.

7. O LORD, just as you did to Herod take on all of Your enemies who are in high places by using your sword of justice to the glory of Jesus.

Pray these seven prayers with a holy expectation.

The Pharaohs, Goliaths and Herods in your life need to fall.

Inspire yourself for fire within your soul…

… in the direction of Jesus as the Author and the Redeemer of the faith we have…


Has the LORD done anything for you this year?

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