Testimonials and Results

A sampling of recent reader mail....


"Godly Spouse Appears ... After
The Prayer Marathon" - Maggie L

  • "Hi Elisha,
    I have great news to share with you.  I took in the prayer marathon December and prayed for my finances, the ministry that God has for me and my future spouse.  January the 17th my husband to be came into my life and we are going to be married in June, is that not WONDERFUL!!!, I am so happy.  God is GOOD."

    Maggie L, South Africa

    "Marital Breakthrough In 2 Weeks" - Firstlady


  • "Hi Elisha,
    I am so elated!!! Remember my "frustrated firstlady" letter I sent you. You told me to use my problems as an opportunity that God can use to teach “your hands to war and your fingers to fight". Well Elisha, the Prayer Marathon taught me just how to do that. The Lord opened up my understanding so much and gave me victory! I cannot believe that in such a short time since I started the marathon, within the second week I was having victories even with my marriage. Right now my husband is the sweetest thingIt’s like we just got married!”

    -- Empowered Firstlady, Canada


"Made $50,459.75 Profit From Sale
Of Land ... After Esther Fast" - Sisi H


  • "Elisha,
    Remember the block of land I told you we've been trying to sell for months without success? After my Esther fast on Monday, the bank rang my husband on Tuesday with an offer from this one buyer... and we just made a tidy profit of $50,459.75! "

    - Sisilia H, Australia

    "Prayer for $5,000 Answered Within 3 Weeks " - Cindy H


  • "Dear Elisha,
    My husband and I were involved in the 21 day prayer marathon.  Within 3 weeks, we had our first major breakthrough!  We had a very unexpected resource send a check in the amount of $5,000!  This is the exact amount I had prayed for.  We give God the glory!!  Thank you so very much for teaching others the 'scriptural way' of prayer.  God bless you continually."

     -- Cindy H, Ohio


    "New Car, New Home, New Job, Plus $1,000
    In The Mail... All Within 2 Months" - Rebecca A


  • "Elisha,
    I received a check of over $1000 in the mail, new car, brand new home, plus a new position with a Fortune 100 company... all within 2 months of using these principles (Note: 2 banks recently advised me to file for bankruptcy because of my credit!).

     I've never experienced this kind of rapid breakthroughs in all my years as a Christian and intercessor."

    - Rebecca A, Washington


    "$23,000 Debt Cancelled" - Sharon F


  • "Hi Elisha,
    This is right in line with what my pastor has been teaching on effectual, power prayers that get results... we have numerous testimonies, the largest thus far being a $23,000 debt cancellation!!"

    - Sharon F, US


    "Landed Dream Job, With Package More Than 100%
    Above What I Currently Earn" - Bola E


  • "Dear Elisha,
    Yes! And to the glory of GOD, I am able to testify that I just landed my dream job with an oil and gas company!!!! This is the fruit of the Prayerthon we did up until Christmas. I cannot believe the package. It is more than 100% above what I currently earn!"

    -- Bola E, Lagos, Nigeria


    "3 Prayer Requests Answered
    In Less Than 90 Days" - Linda A


  • "Dear Elisha,
    I was so depressed in January
    ; had to get a place to live and also my school fees was due. I was at the brink of leaving school, but I held on to the prayers coming in through your emails to me.  

    Now, I got a fabulous house to live at almost nothing, I was able to pay my fees and my three prayer requests were answered in less than 90 days. I got a position at work that I didn't apply for in less than one hour and abundant favors have been coming in. I have never been so happy in my life! The prayers are everyday tonic for me..."

    Linda A, Bouremouth, UK

    "Relationship Restored ... After 30 Years" - Pastor Mary J


  • "Elisha,
    My relationship with my mother has been restored after 30 years since I started praying these prayers... same thing with my son and only child. Both have been given back to me."

    - Pastor Mary J, Florida


    "Won A Scholarship Just After Starting The Prayers" - Ifeoma U


  • “Dear Elisha,
    Please praise God with me. The wonders have started! I started reading your book on Friday along with firing the prayer arrows in it. Lo and behold, when I checked my mail yesterday, I found out I had been selected for one of the scholarships I applied for, and I am only yet on page 67 out of 158 of the book. I cannot imagine the explosion that would occur by the time I'm through, and I know this is just the beginning of greater things to come.”

    Ifeoma U, Nigeria

    "Secured A Good Job In 2 Weeks" - Vungh P


  • "Elisha,
    I am trying to write English, I am not very good with english, but I want to thank God and you too, before first january I pray to God three things, about 2 weeks I got one thing, I get a good job, praise the Lord, I think  the others are coming soon. Thank you."

    Vungh Pum, Japan

    "Milk And Honey Is Back In My Marriage" - Aletha H


  • "Dear Elisha,
    Just a quick note  to say thank you in teaching me to pray and to pray for one thing at a time, Elisha, I have got to tell you that the milk and honey is back in my marriage and glory be to God  I praise his holy name and God has use me to start a prayer group at my job and it is so great..."

    -- Aletha H, New York

    "Never Experienced So Much Peace
    ... It's Unreal" - Helen D


  • “Thanks Elisha. I started on the Prayer Riot last night and am fasting as well. Where would I be today ... I had a lot of issues in my life when I began your routines and I TELL YOU THAT I have never experienced so much peace in my life. It’s unreal

    Helen D, S/Africa

    "Spiritual Life With The Lord Revived" - Rosette S


  • "Elisha,
    A lot of things have changed in my life since I joined you in the prayer marathon last year. Not that I received thousands of euro's (yet) but many little things in my spiritual life with the Lordbreakthroughs in my thinking, my understanding of leadership and authority and also more insight in how much the Lord loves me, His child. The best part is that I got free from a condemnation spirit,  that kept me going and doubting for years. So thanks for all your hard work and educating the body of Christ." 

    Rosette S, Belgium

    "My Relationship With People Is Just
    Getting Better And Better" - Joan G


  • “Elisha,
    You have really taught me to pray. I have been sending your prayer marathon to my sisters and friends and they are experiencing tremendous change in their lives too. I have not only been blessed financially, but my relationship with people is just getting better and better…” 

    Joan Gotke, Denmark

    "Brand New Home Released" - Geraldine B


  • “Elisha,
    In August 2005 my husband I was struggling financially to close the deal on a home that we had purchased, we could not get any where. One day I came in contact with your email I can’t remember how but it was a blessing. Today we are victorious the deal has closed and the home is released to us. To God be the Glory…”

    Geraldine B, Jamaica


    "Closer Personal Relationship With God" - Salamatu S


  • "Dear Elisha,
    I thank God for what you are doing in my life. I have learnt to create a personal relationship with God  from your prayers and instructions. I have suffered a lot for my one year as a Christian, running after men of God who are never available to pray for me. Man of God you have really mentored me to grow in my spiritual life to another level which is frightening my relatives and friends!"

    Salamatu S, Cameroon

    "Perfect Eye Sight Restored Through Prayer" - Annie A


  • “Elisha,
    This is Annie. Remember me? You had taught me to pray
    During the Prayer Riot Phase 2, I kept confessing and praying the prayer points for my daughter who was asked to wear glasses at the age of 2 (her power for both eyes were minus 2.5). Because she was too small she did not wear one. Now during this prayer time she was taken to an optician from her school and the report came totally clean that she has perfect eye sight and she does not have to wear glasses.” 

    Annie A, Muscat

    "Delivered From Alcoholism" - Glenda M


  •  "Elisha,
    My husband has been delivered from alcoholism and is now growing spiritually and God has taken me to another spiritual level."

    - Glenda M, California

    "Prayer Point Aborts Suicide Attempt" - Lodie Q


  •  "Elisha,
    First of all I would like to say "Thank You."  It has been a powerful week. On today,, my son tried to commit suicide at school. Earlier this morning the Holy Spirit had spoken to me and told me to begin to pray for my son because the devil planned to kill him. I don't remember what I prayed but it was a prayer point

    Lodie Q, N.Carolina


"Got My Miracle Car ... After Esther Fast" - Memory


  • Hi Elisha,
    I have been praying for a car
    .  All the banks were declining to approve me for vehicle finance because I am not a South African citizen I only have a temporary work permit.  Now I started claiming my car in the Name of Jesus and started binding every hindering forces as you taught.  I went on the three days fast …  I only managed 2 days and 1 night though, but I have received my answer.  The CEO from overseas actually phoned me to say that the Company is buying a car for me…”

    Memory, S/ Africa

    "Terrible Waist Pain Disappears" - James A


  • "Dear Elisha,
    My wife fell when she visited London in February 05 and since then she's had a terrible waist pain. The pain left her just after the Phase 2 prayers and she nearly even forgot she'd been in pain... Praise the LORD!"

    - James A, Ghana

    "Book Brings Back The Warrior In Me" - Mary M


  • "Elisha,
    I also wanted you to know how much I appreciate your e-book on passion prayers.  I have read it once but am going back over it until I understand and memorize all the prayers and the reasons behind them. 

    This book has stirred up my spirit and brought back the warrior in me...  after reading the passion prayers just once I feel revived. 

    Thank you for this clear teaching with specific things to pray!  I don't get that in my local church (which saddens me)."

    - Mary M, Alabama


    "80% Pay Raise " - Laudy B


    "Dear Elisha,
    I have been so blessed since I discovered your website.  Recently I wanted to have a raise at my workplace and I decided to pray some of the prayer topics you have been giving on the site.

    I could not believe my eyes when my boss agreed to give me 80% more money that I was earning.  That is exactly what I asked for.  After all, the bible says we should open our mouth wide and he wil fill it so I did just that..."

    - Laudy Bardawil


    "From Cellphone Miracle to Financial Miracle " - Thandeka M


  • "Elisha,
    I coached my sister to pray effective prayers to find her lost documents of her lost cell phone, now she had other miracle of R3000 00 from her insurance Company. She prayed prayer arrows for her finances and her Insurance Company decided to pay her money for our long time mother who is with the Lord. Our mother passed away in 2002, they decided to pay her money she never expected , miracle, we are moving somewhere. I have printed Prayer Marathon prayers for the whole of my family , and I am coaching them how to pray them effectively."

    - Thandeka N, S/Africa

    "Prayers ... Most Productive And Enlightening" - Pastor Eunice


  • “Dear Elisha,
    The teachings and prayers since my introduction to your ministry back in Oct or so have been the most productive and enlightening phase of my Christian journey.” 

    -- Pastor Eunice,
    New Light Christian Center, Wash. DC


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