"Doctors Sent Me From Hospital
To Die At Home!"


       "I did Prayer Academy, started in 25th of Jan 2014, and we praise God for His Mighty Hand healing and delivering me from the pit of death and Lyme neuroborreliosis.

       I can walk again, no more palsy in my legs, everybody expected me to die except me and my precious husband who treated me for 6 years at home as doctors sent me from hospital to die at home.

      Because of Prayer Academy and what God does through you, I am now an ambulant wonder of God, telling everybody God healed me as they are shocked hearing the news about me. Hallelujah.

      Mighty is our God, nobody like Him. Thank you very much for all you do, for Firesprings Ministries and for the prayer points received directly from God. May God bless and keep you."

- - Ligia D Pasztor, Romania



Listen to what the "Do-ers" had to say a few weeks after  actively using these principles.

"Healed from Cancer"

I have no words to thank our Lord and yourself for the most valuable prayer points /breakthroughs/ information you e-mail to me. The Lord has healed me from cancer too.  The Dr said I am a miracle, but Dr I am serving a miracle God!! 

My relationship with the Lord is now so close
and He already answered my prayers. I can see the mighty change in my marriage.  I also told my family/friends and their prayer results are just so amazing. - Lorraine

"3 Months Pregnant"

Elisha my situations has changed, my sorrow has turn into happiness because of what the Lord has done. Elisha do you remember the email I sent you some time back explaining to you about miscarriage I had last year and how my husband has been behaving because I had no child for him. Today as AM writing to you, God has done something good and am three months pregnant! Glory TO GOD. – Lynda

"Marriage Restored ... 
In A Shock, I Was Stunned!"

I write to testify of the goodness of God in restoring my marriage.  I engaged in a 21 day Prayer Marathon using the prayer points for singles but substituted wherever it mentioned ‘singles’ for my own needs.  I was so much inspired by the Prayer Cookbook extract and the Dream Code.  I read everything you sent during the Singles Prayer Marathon.  

These prayers resulted in a
“spiritual drama” manifestation… One of the days it happened like a madman whose sanity had just been restored’ and my husband suddenly came back to his senses.  He confessed all that he had done (by the way I knew it all but had kept most of it to myself) and he literally knelt down begging me to forgive him and promised to make it up for the lost time.  In a shock, I was stunned. – Memory


"Depression Gone ... 
Like a Weight Has Been Lifted"

"I have been depressed for a along time and the first night I prayed for deliverance from depression, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I feel like a new person. – Sain

"Already Seeing Results"

Immediately after you mailed me the prayer points. I made 5 copies for  my 3 children and my husband.  I wanted all of us to have one copy each during family altar so that we could all say the same prayer at the same time… we are already seeing results.  

We have noticed that my husband is coming in with hundredfold returns after work during the last 3 days and we have managed to pay for some much needed items.  Previously, we would earn just enough for  the hand to mouth  needs. – Sereana


Josephine from Germany Says:

I joined you in 21 days prayer and these prayers have always been a turning point for me because they open the blocked wells in my life. The messages i get during these prayers move me miles in my faith walk. Iam always waiting to know what is in store from you. – Josephine , Germany

"Just 2 Nights - 
Promotion Letter Is Here"

Just on Friday I wrote a letter really complaining about how things pass me by e.g., promotion and many more and the No.1 is already answered. Praise God! 

I am writing this email to you this afternoon so delighted. It is 12.45 p.m Kenya time and I want to inform you that a letter of promotion to the position of Senior Administrative Assistant (Personal Assistant) to the CEO of my company.  

I have only done the prayers contained in the Prayer DNA for 2 nights and the results have started trickling in. We serve a God who answers prayers. – Beatrice

"I Cannot Close My Mouth"

I would like to thank you for these bullets prayers as they are doing wonders in my life. Last month i started the 40 bullets prayers to attract jobs and funding for you company as i registered my company last year. Within a week praying a prayer i had a partnership with a bigger company who needed to outsource some of their services to my company.

 Again yesterday i had a meeting with another bigger company that had funding from USAID with are going to work together to implement these prgrams. I praise the Lord for you and the prayers and i cannot close my mouth but praising God for these blessing as we are starting working in April/ May this year. – Lindelwa

"My Manager Was Really Shocked!"

Elisha, I would like to share with you the great transformation happened just after two weeks of my participation in midnight prayers. I have never opened my mouth in my one half years of being a new team leader in all managers meeting that I attended.........but on Thursday 2/02 and again 10/02 in our managers meeting I raised few points not only were they minor but they were the best as I received positive remarks from my peers and my manager was really shocked. Thank you Elisha and I thank the almighty for being there for me. Thank you Lord Jesus. – Kesa

"Car Has Finally Arrived From Japan"

You Know what? God has answered my prayer after following the 40 prayer points rebuking the devil for holding my car which I ordered last year in September. My vehicle - Starlet -has finally arrived in Malawi from Japan , and am now using it. - God is good. May God continue revealing more to you so that many people will really be delivered and that all people will know how to set bullet prayers against our enemy. – Faith

"Blessed With New House"

 God is so good that since i linked myself with you i have been blessed so much by your spiritualy filled emails. God has blessed me with a new house that will be officially opened by end months – Benson

"Day 8 of Prayer Academy - New Job PLUS Double Pay!

I thank you greatly for the Prayer Academy, my God is a father of restoration, i wrote to you sometimes ago about a colleague who fabricated a lot lies about me, but on the 8th day of the Prayer Academy, God gave me a new job which is times two and a half higher in pay than the previous one – Biola

"Best Performer at Work"

Just recently I received God's favour using your prayer points and fasting. I was thus announced as the best performer at my place of work for the year 2007. I received many presents as such. All the honour and Glory to God. And thanks to you for opening my eyes. – Maria

"Divorced Husband Now Coming Back!

You helped me in prayers. Things have really changed for i got a job and my husband who divorced me has  started  coming to me so that we can get together. The Mighty Father has answered my prayer. Elisha you really helped me. – Mable

Zodwa from Cape Town Says:

I came across this website last year while I was frustrated with all sorts of problems and prayers didn’t seem to work. I surfed the internet and I saw your website. I subscribe to you and I get emails from you every two days. I didn’t buy materials yes, but now I want to do. 

A friend of mine sent me a testimony , she resigned from her job out of frustration and anger. She subscribed to you and bought your material PRAYERCOOKBOOK FOR BUSY PEOPLE, she has gone to two interviews already and she’s going for other interviews in the coming week, I mean big positions. She told me about you and I said to her I know about you but now I’m more motivated because it happen to someone I know. – Zodwa

"Helps Me 
Get Through Each Day"

 I just felt the need to say THANK YOU for all the encouraging e-mails. Not a day goes by when I don't
think of how I'll be able to pay our bills, or where we will get the money for the children's tuition fees
or for the food. But your letters help me get through each day. You helped me apply each Bible verse to my current situation and somehow, I don't worry as much anymore – Eloisa

"Taught to Fish"

Thank you for the word of encouragement and very godly principles you are instilling in my life.  Through your ebook God is working miracles in my life.  

I am learning to be an overcomer in Jesus’ name.
  As I write I have obtained a plot that I am planning to develop very soon. 

 Remember I wrote to you last year concerning all my needs and you did NOT give me ‘the fish’, BUT taught me how to ‘throw the net in the waters and fish’ for myself! Gaise

"Divine Protection?"

I lost a brother under mysterious circumstances & since then my family has been under spiritual attack. I prayed the prayer points you gave us on spiritual sharp shooting and surely the Lord has been Our ammunition & protection. – Laura

"It is Amazing How Much Anointing Has Come"

Just to mention but a few I have experienced a breakthrough in my health and my spiritual life has catapulted to the mountain top just in 3 months.  

As a minister its amazing how much anointing i has come upon me since I intensively engaged your prayers.  The manifestation is so mighty and tangible every time i preach and the recent example is just this Easter when I was preaching. – Pastor M.A.

"New Job, New Car, 
New House"

Thank you very much for your prayers I am now a different person altogether.
I got a new job ,new car and a loan to buy a house. Please keep on sending us those prayer points. – Jimmy

"Cleared Invisible Barriers"

man of God i tha
nk God for meeting your ministry, you have revolutionized my prayer life and those close to me in ministry i believe very soon my ministry will catch the fire of prayer as soon as i go through the course. i will testify in my next mail of a promotion that came within a week of praying against invisible barriers .May greatness and favour partner with you - Rose

"We Now Hear From The LORD Everyday!"

I know that God is the one who gives revelation but he gives it to those who earnestly and relentlessly seek him and for this I thank you. The secrets of prayer that lead to the back door of heaven are truly secrets. I have prayed some of these prayers for years and years but not like you teach. The Lord revealed your website to me and my five friends and we are beyond excited… All the years we have prayed and searched seemingly in vain...and now we hear from the Lord every day, actually more than once. Its amazing. – Stella

"Family Curse Broken- Wedding in June!"

I had a burden for us especia
lly that we due or past marriage me being the first born and started took the 21 day prayer challenge.  I was very bothered especially since one of my sisters was "married" but her marriage (come we stay arrangement) did not last long she came back home three years ago. Our forth born sister started living with gentleman (they live in London).  

The gentleman is around the same age as she and I prayed that the Lord do something in our family regarding our marital destinies.  The man proposed to her two weeks ago (soon after the prayer marathon)
and we are now starting to arrange for the wedding in June.

I thank God that this cycle is now cancelled and for the rest of us with this I know God will find as partners soon. – Peggy

"Child's Faith 

A few weeks again a sister at church asked me to join her on a fast for one of her young children who indirectly detested the work of God and challenged the Scriptures.

This was happening for a while. It was a serious case where she couldn't handle it and needed deliverance for her child almost immediately . 

The evening before the fast I was going through the different prayer points and materials that you sent me .  I pulled out one handout turned to some pages and saw FOUNDATIONS! 

I stayed up at the midnight hour and  aggressively prayed the 'prayer points to deal with negative foundations'.  The mother has confirmed that there has been some great changes in her child.As a matter of fact one Sunday he offered the closing prayer at Sunday school and asked the Lord to bless the worship service as  we come into His presence. Amazing what the Lord can do!. – Prayma

"11-Year Old Daughter Responds..."

I prayed that prayer bullet aggressively and with tears as I desperately wanted breakthroughs in my prayers. 

I didn't know where the breakthrough was going to come from but my heart's desire this year is that my husband and 3 children would surrender to Jesus, make Him Lord and Saviour of their lives and be used  to extend His Kingdom and bring Glory to Him. That is truly my deep heart's desire.

On Resurrection Sunday !! At the end of our church service, my 11yr old daughter responded of her own free will to the altar call responded of her own free will to the altar call made by the pastor  - Cathy L

Primrose Says:
"Now I am The Head"

God has answered my prayer. You gave us prayer points to break the new year and I used them as you said. I had applied for a new post, tired to be the tail at work, asking God to make me the head as He promised in His word. 

In February I was called for two interviews on the same day at different places that were 490km away from one another. I requested the far away one to make me the first candidate for the interview. They accepted my request both of them. 

I successfully went through both interviews. I was appointed to both of them. I choose the one of an Assistant Director as I was an Admin clerk. Now I am the head. – Primrose

After 7 Months of Staying At Home, Shielah Says:

Thank you for you emails I really enjoy them.  It was my birthday yesterday,  I turned 34.  I thank the Lord.  34 and single.  Last year I read the 21 day marathon prayer points for singles and a lot of other prayer points I got from you.  

I did the Esther fasting, fasted for 21 days, 7 days and uncountable day and night fastings.  I thank the Lord it was not in vain.  I had left work in March 2007 believing God for a Better job.  

The one I had I would work for more than 12 hours a day and the remuneration was as low as USD20.  On the 3rd of November 2007, I was called for an interview, and I started on a new job on the 12th of November 2007 after 7 months of staying at home. – Shielah

Jane Says: 
"There Is Peace Now"

I have started enjoying the fruits of your teachings. as I am speaking now, there is peace and calm in my family between me and my husband. Though I did not tell you about my family affairs , but let me asure you that we are now doing things together and i thank God for using you to empower me such that i am now used to wake up at every midhour for prayers. – Jane


Zuki Says:

The night of Monday, my sister house was broken , there was no one
at home, but nothing not even a spoon that was stolen. My sister has been reading your prayer points for two weeks, which she is very glued on , she does not go any day without them. - Zuki

Tendai Says: 
"HE Has Opened Doors..."

I wish to share with you for what the Lord has done in My life, If you can remember well i requested a prayer item for financial breakthrough,  I have been going through financial difficulty for quite a long time, but as of now the Lord our God has visited me with financial breakthrough. 

He has opened the doors which were closed and i would like therefore to give thanks to the Lord for the wonderful thing he has done for my life and you for your prayers. – Tendai


"I Am Just Amazed At..."

I have downloaded the ebooks and have printed them out and really devouring them. I am just amazed at some of the things you have written as I have been a Christian and faithful to tithing and following the word of God  but was just wondering as to what the whole purpose of it was as my marriage kept deteriorating and had just gone really bad to the point that I had just found it so toxic.  I have already seen some of the answers and possible reasons in what I have read so far Sister J

"Pregnant With Twins"

I wish to thank you for the constant communication and prayer lessons you send me. I prayed using your prayer points especially this particular one you gave me - "Let the Spirit of ressurection breathe life into every part of my life, my pregnancy, my marriage, e.t.c.." Then the Doctor told me have a scan and it was done. I found everything fine and the scan showed I had a twin pregnancy. – Sister M.

Fantastic Results

Thank you for all the coaching and the prayer points. "The God that answer by fire has answered by fire in son situation". Last year I was praying for him to graduate from college. 

Then we prayed for a Job, then this year were playing for a house. We hit some road blocks with the Mortgage company so we decided to add fasting to the prayers along with the prayer points. 

Well, This morning we got a phone call from  the mortgage company that he will close on March 31,2008. Elisha we serve an awesome God… - Hannah

"Moves The Hand of God" 

Thank you for all the seeds you are sowing into my life and the life of other believers. The mentoring l have received on the 2 prayer academy l have been part of is immeasurable and l want to thank you for being obedient to God and sharing your experiences with us.

My biggest testimony is that God has reinforced in my spirit through your teachings that if He be for us, no one can be against us, and we can move His hands through fervent and focused prayer. 

I have seen the hands of God move in all my situations as l use the materials from your hard work. - Rachel

From: Elisha Goodman                                                                             
 (From the prayer trenches
 in the City of Roses) 

Dear Subscriber,

Calvary greetings … 

       Following this simple 3-step blueprint I'm about to share, you will be able to "taste" even MORE divine blessings in the next 90 days ... 

  •  Even if many people have already written you off

  •  Even if your marriage, health or even your career  has sailed into troubled waters  right now

  •  Even if things haven't quite work out for you as expected and you are even
     now afraid of losing your job or whatever.


       To show you how powerful this can be for you in the days ahead, please allow me to share with you how those who accepted my challenge in the last 3 months were able to receive their divine promises from the LORD.


These 6 Praise Reports All Came In
On The Same Day
... Will Yours Be The Next? 



"Before 21 Days Elapsed"

I stumbled on a printout from a colleague last year in June(2008) that printout was about the 21 day marathon prayer. 

I grew an interest on that and I started on the journey a month after that. I was called for an interview then offered a better salary and a better job.

I have since never forgotten that day and ironically it all happened before the 21 days elapsed. 

When I read of the testimonies from your website I started adding 2 and 2 together, I then came into a conclusion that there can never be another website where this came from it has to be this one, though it hasn’t been confirmed to me because I can’t get hold of the owner of that printout and my colleague doesn’t have any idea of where the source got it from. On that I can’t thank God enough as I struggled for the past 6 years at the same job without any promotion or consideration.

- Thokozile N



"I Put The Salary So High Up... "

I would just like to thank you for my copy of the Prayer of Caleb which was posted to me. When i saw all the Testimonies on your website. I must say it was hard to believe some of them. 

But then i joined the Prayer Academy while I was being retrenched at my old job. Then the same week i was to finish off, I received a call to come for an interview where I am working now.

When they asked me about the salary i put it so high up, that i took a chance and trusted God and thought they will try to negotiate me a bit lower. 

When they called me on the Monday to tell me that i got the job, which i already knew. They had put an extra R2000 onto the offer i requested. Which more than doubled the salary i used to get

- Esther K


"This One Prayer Really Contributed To My Promotion"

Your teaching about the way we should pray has brought so much change in my life.

I was introduced to you by a friend around October last year(2008),since then I have been praying your prayer bullets during the midnight hour. 

By the beginning of November I was asked to act in a senior position of Assistant Director. 

I continued praying and also prayed the 27 minutes to midnight prayer ...  

Today I can confidently tell anyone that God is there for us if only we believe and put our trust in Him. 

I have not stopped praying and am happy to announce that I have since been promoted to be an Assistant Director with effect from 1st May 2009 GLORY BE TO GOD!!! 

I also would like to mention that this particular prayer bullet ”I sprinkle the blood of Jesus over my land ,in Jesus name, and I ask You to speak the blood of Jesus over my land in Jesus name” has really contributed to my promotion .THANK YOU SO MUCH 

- Phumla M


"Even My 2 Friends Used
This And Got Jobs ...
Just Like Me "

In August 2008, I received an email from a former colleague. This email was talking about the prayer eagles that will be praying at the start of the 2008 Olympics. This was one of Elisha's prayer points and required that we do the Esther fasting and said in 3 months time we will see miracles.

I usually look at such emails and just read them, but this one was different. I decided to print it and took it home. I prayed at midnight hour and fasted as instructed.

Within a month I was called for a job interview, I had been in the current job since 2005. When I got the call to came for the interview I said to myself these prayer points are working and took them and prayed at the midnight hour until the day of interview.

At exactly 3 months after the August prayers I started at this new job which with paying twice as much then the previous one and the environment is good and healthy. Praise the Lord!!!!

At the beginning of this year two of my friends were called for interview, I forwarded them the prayer points. We prayed at the midnight hour and both of them got the job.

I now receive the Elisha's email and there are very motivating and building and one of these days will join the prayer academy.

- Thobile B



"It Happened In 10 Days ... Following The Prayer Cookbook Recipe"

I want to express my sincere gratitude to God, he hears and answers prayer. I want to thank you for this wonderful work you are doing, enlightening us and helping us to get hold of our blessings. 

I was longing to get hold of your materials to try and see if i could benefit from it. A friend of mine sent me the Prayer Cookbook for Busy People and we decided to do it together as a family including my brother's friend we are staying with. 

Both guys needed jobs. 

We did the 10 steps (Foundation Prayers) twice and after that we then went on to do prayer points to disgrace and destroy evil gates following the recipe shown in the cookbook. Barely 10 days later both guys got jobs and the way it all happened is a miracle. 

Now i know why you call it a cookbook, just like a recipe, there is a method that needs to be followed in order to get results. I know this is just the beginning, more is certainly coming.

May God continue to bless you and increase you in wisdom and knowledge.

Yours Sincerely

- Ropa M


"Within 2 Weeks, My Sister
Got A Job She's Been Looking For ... For 6 Years!"

I was introduced to your site by one of my friend, when I visit your site I realise that this is not a joke it is serious, and my soul was filled with joy. few years back a certain man of God came to our Church and preached about prayer point , but I dint understand it then, and I never
used it. 

But when I received your 40 prayer point everything started to make sense and miracle started to happen. within 2 weeks my sister got a job that she been looking for it for 6 year, my brother got promoted. To top it all I got promoted also. 

Elisa since I started working 2002, every
manager or supervisor that I have worked with never like me, I have changed jobs thinking that things will be better but whenever I go managers dislike me and I worked very hard to impress them but every time they will see mistakes in everything I do. 

I never have friend I mean Christian friend they treated me like I am an outsider. I thank God for you. I have Christian friends who appreciate me the way I am and we started a prayer team.

- Tsakane, South Africa


       Praise the LORD for all these wonderful reports ... the next one will amaze you.

From Brand New Jobs To ...
Something Else

       Just to refresh your memory, in our "notorious" end-of-year newsletter, 27 Minutes to Midnight, I revealed a PRAYER PLAN that will give you spiritual momentum all through this year.

       Now we are going to move onto something that many people are not hearing about.

       But which is crucial for victory this year.

       When you read my emails you notice I have often talked as if we are on a battlefield...

       Because for ALL believers, there is, in fact, a battlefield, where we:

       --   Wrestle with clear and present threats to our salvation, blessings and peace of mind.

       -    Shoot to kill satanic "pirates", and march right into enemy territory to recover whatever was stolen from us.

       However, a new battlefront has continued to unfold.

       AND if you want the blessings you have been told will come this year, there are 3 spiritual truths you must know right away :

"3 Spiritual Truths 
You Must Know Now"

       Once you really begin to apply this information, you will begin to soar like an eagle ... into the realm of true abundant life that Jesus so often talked about.

Tree Of Divine Blessings

       The tree of divine blessings cannot thrive on the compost of sin and decadence.

        You desire a blessing from the LORD? Then you must be willing to clean up your life ... and live holy. Because if you don't, those "pet" sins will put up a spiritual wall as thick as the Wall of Jericho ... between you and God (from whom all blessings flow).

       The result?

       None of His blessings will reach you ... they will be diverted in the spirit realm into huge satanic banks for onward distribution to others!

"Watch With Me One Hour"

       That's from our Lord Jesus Himself. At the Garden of Gethsemane HE wanted his inner-circle disciples (Peter, James, John) to join Him as he prayed at the midnight hour.

       Alas, they were weighed down with sleep. Just like today, the spirit of slumber has captured most of the believers ... and they cannot "watch with Jesus for 1 hour." 

       My dear reader, I want to assure you that if you would clean up your life AND start a midnight watch today ... and continue throughout for the next 90 days (start with one night a week until you get comfortable with the format) there is no power in hell that break your marriage ... or delay your blessings. 


       I discuss the scriptural basis for the Midnight Prayer in Prayer Cookbook for Busy People ... and we demonstrate it step by step in the Prayer Academy. (Next one coming soon).

"Get A Mentor Who Is Anointed To Teach"

       The #1 mentor I know of is called HOLY SPIRIT. Please note this name. And remember that our first spiritual truth is ... that we must live holy this year.

       If you have received JESUS as your Lord and saviour then you are well-positioned to have fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

       Many of the prayers we pray at the Academy are designed to make your life  "attractive" for the Holy Spirit to dwell in.

       PLUS, train your spiritual muscles to withstand the "weapons of mass destruction" of the enemy ... something the Bible calls "the arrows that fly by day and the pestilence that walks in darkness."

       Here's a secret MOST people need to know ... there are specific things that can block a Christian from receiving the fullness of the Spirit. 

       I just mentioned the first one -- sin. The other 3 have deep roots ... and in the Prayer Academy, I explain step by step how to demolish all these hidden obstacles so you can experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

       In the Prayer Academy, I teach people to abandon all sophistry ... and go about the business of praying as if your life depends on it.

       In the upcoming Prayer Academy there are prayer bullets to:

  • Stop the devil cold in his tracks

  • Terminate long-term problems

  • Release God's people from invisible cages

  • Restore joy and honey in marriages

  • Kill depression and release joy, peace...


       The list goes on and on.

       In the next Prayer Academy scheduled to start on the 25th, we'll take off with a very special 21-day Marathon, using a prayer SEQUENCE I pulled out of active service 3 years. 

       This particular sequence of prayers will give you the required spiritual momentum if you want to manifest divine blessings in every area of your life ... every single month of this year.

       Here's what I've got for you:

Breakthrough Lesson #1:
What is the very first thing you must take care of if you want to see answers to your prayer fast? 

Breakthrough Lesson #2:
What is an invisible altar ... and how can it make or mar the answers you receive when you pray? 

Breakthrough Lesson #3:
What are the Red Dragons of the spiritual world and how do they hinder (read: delay, steal, kill) answers to prayer? 

Breakthrough Lesson #4:
Who are the White Dwarfs of the spirit and what effect do they have on your prayers? 

Breakthrough Lesson #5:
How certain deep areas of the human mind can be spiritually programmed to sabotage your all your best efforts ... and how to deal with this through "de-programming" prayers.

Breakthrough Lesson #6:
What are the 5 ways God answers prayers ... and what are the spiritual signals that tell you answers to your prayers have ALREADY been released?


Breakthrough Lesson #7:
... anyone, at any stage of spiritual growth, who is serious about receiving answers from the LORD just has to get serious about nailing down this ONE essential part of the spiritual equation ... that will make you invulnerable to the horrors and constant problems other people constantly suffer.

       But wait ... there's more.

As An Added BONUS, You Receive
The Complete UPDATED 9-Piece Kit Consisting Of...

       1. Personal Mentoring. A personal one-on-one session by email
       2. Book - Prayer of Caleb ... incl. 201 prayer points - ($47 value)
       3. Special Report - "Spiritual Vampires" Special Report -
       4. Ebook - "Dream CODE" complete with 111 prayer points
       5. EBook - "Prayer DNA Secrets" -- ($37 value)
       6. EBook - "Prayer Cookbook for Busy People" -- ($39.95 value)
       7. Ebook - #1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt (includes 101 prayer points)
       8. Specially Customized Prayer Points - "As Needed " --
       9. Online Chat Sessions- Weekly   


       You be the judge ... look at the testimonies on this page and ask yourself:

Are These Not The Very Same Things 
I Have Been Believing The Lord For?


Here's How To Join -
Simply Click The Link Below

"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
And Secure My Seat For The NEXT Prayer Academy Right Now>>"


       For those who have never participated in the Prayer Academy (or who participated but prayed in a lukewarm manner), there's no way I can put into words what you stand to experience in the next 90 days... as a result of being part of this next one. 

       Only 700 people will be admitted to the next session. Should you choose to accept this challenge, you need to sign up early before the system cut-off date
(we don't know why but our new computer system cuts off registration on the 19th.) 

"Yes, Elisha, I know it's time to get into
the Next Prayer Academy"

       Here's one that just came in from Teddy, from the past Prayer Academy:

The Most Amazing Thing happened..."

The most amazing thing happened to my friend yesterday after I gave him only two prayer bullets from your ebook.

We stay together in one flat with my friend Timothy. We work almost 500 metres apart and so we normally go together every morning and evening.

Yesterday he mentioned to me about his boss who passed on. I having been so sensitized by your prayer points and the aggressive nature of releasing the prayer bullets, I saw an opportunity for my friend’s promotion. He is desirous to take up the position permanently cos currently he is merely acting.  

The Spirit of the Lord directed me to give him only two of your prayer bullets. “I sprinkle the blood of Jesus over my land in Jesus name and I ask the blood of Jesus to speak over my land” points.

Guess what.. my friend followed the instructions and by evening the same day he received a call from the CEO and was asked to forward all his testimonials. Surely Elisha this prayer points works so fast that one is left struggling to believe that God can really move with such speed. – Teddy M



       And can you believe it?

       3 weeks later the friend that Teddy is referring to above confirms the story ... and signs up for the Prayer Academy:

I am Teddy's Friend !

I was introduced to this site by a friend, Teddy L. Munyalo, who had seen his life transformed through your teachings.

He gave me two prayer points and when I unleashed them in the office, things started happening.

I also tasted victory after ordering the Prayer Cook Book for Busy People and praying Step 3 and 4 prayers on a situation I was facing. 

My motivation to order the books and subscribe to the Prayer Academy is a deep desire to be a prayer warrior and to use the weapon of prayer that God has given us as his children...

 – Timothy Malusi 

       What a Mighty GOD we serve!

       Be An Overcomer!

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PS: One last thing -- I almost forgot...
If you know anyone who is afraid of losing their jobs, or has been looking for a better job for a while please
          forward a copy of this page to them and challenge them like this:

                                     "I DARE YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEXT PRAYER ACADEMY
                                            AND NOT HAVE A HUGE TESTIMONY ... AS A RESULT!"


Pastor Anderson Says:
Don't Worry About The Doubters

Hi Elisha,  

Don't worry about the doubters, they were there even when Jesus was on earth.  

You taught us about a 'golden key' sometime ago.   On Wednesday 12 March I dreamed a lady handing me a big envelope and said "a farmer in USA has sent this envelope to you". 

Inside were keys and one big key was of gold.  In the dream I thanked God for giving me the keys and I took the golden key and started opening doors in the dream.  When I woke up around 2.00 am, I remembered you about the golden key you mentioned in some lessons ago.

- Pastor Anderson

"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
And Secure My Seat For The NEXT Prayer Academy Right Now>>"